Fashion Emoji Series: Picking the Right Clothes For the Right Mood

Dressing up doesn’t always come naturally to everyone.

Clothes are an integrated part of living. They are one of the essentials of life once a human is out on the planet. Clothing is not just a great way to make people uncomfortable, it’s also a wonderful way to express oneself.

Sure, I’m of the present age, but I like dressing up as a rockstar in the 70s.

That says it all. An individual makes a conscious choice of dressing up the way they like it to express their moods, preferences, and style, thus building a sense of identity for themselves. It’s all fun and games until “morality”, religion, and societal “norms” come into the picture of fashion.

It’s sad. The people we’ve become.

Anyhoo. This list is not focused on the sad reality, but on fashion in the emoji world! Don’t worry it’s not a boring list with dumped emoji-info in it. This one’s special. We’re picking out emoji wardrobe styles!

#1 First Date

First dates are really special. They’re exciting, unpredictable and if it’s a blind date, then they’re unknown as well. What we wear on the first date matters, to some. The rest, honestly don’t give a flying fluck, and we’re here to categorize.

#2 Family Dinner

Dinners with the fam could be great if the fam gets along great. It gets awkward and forced if it’s any other way. But, all families love going out together, although, they may not “feel” together. Compiling, all the styles.

#3 Party Host

Every party host has their own sense of style, not just in hosting parties. They could be lazy, casual, “dressy” or as we’d say dressed for the occasion, aka “perfect”. And none of it is the “right” or the “wrong” way to dress up while hosting a party (it’s your party after all).

#5 Evening Party

Parties are not new to us. We’ve all been to parties; big, small, exciting, boring, young, old, all of it, or some of it. It could be something that makes us happy or socially paralyses us. It’s all cool. All in all, there would be at least one party we wouldn’t mind attending.

#6 Picnic

We could all agree that picnics can be fun. Sure when you’re young and hustling it’s the least you’d want to do, but if you’re old or even “mentally old”, this would be your favorite plan for a special day.

These are just some of the scenarios where you’d dress or to put it bluntly; put on some clothes. But, these are some niche scenarios. You could use these styles in real life, you could use them if you’re hosting a “virtual party” or even if you are posting pictures of from the actual event.