😿 Crying Cat


Sadness, Grief, Pity, Feeling Low, Vulnerable, Regret, Hurt, Pain, Consolation

😿 Meaning: A yellowish cat face with furrowed up brows, sad eyes, a small nose, whiskers, and a small sad, frowning curve for a mouth. It also has a huge blue droplet of a tear falling out of one eye.

The 😿 Crying Cat is the cat version of the 😢 Crying Face emoji. It denotes sadness, grief, and that millisecond before breaking down. It shows a sense of regret, remorse, pity, and also shame to a certain extent.

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How and When to Use the 😿 Crying Cat Emoji

  • Send this emoji as a response to something grievous and just plain sad.
  • You can use this to react to something terrible and painful.
  • If you’re feeling particularly low and not like yourself, send this emoji to your close ones showing that you’re feeling low and horrible.
  • This emoji can also be used to show regret in any given situation (but ensure it’s not too serious, otherwise this emoji would probably land you in a very uncomfortable place).
  • If you’re sharing something hurtful with your homies, send this emoji along.
  • Send this emoji when you’re just on the brink of a breakdown and you’re the kind to mask your feelings.

Other Names

  • 😿 Sad
  • 😿 Sad Cat
  • 😿 Grief
  • 😿 Regret
  • 😿 Remorse
  • 😿 Pity
  • 😿 Sadness
  • 😿 Hurt
  • 😿 Pain
  • 😿 Crying