💪 Flexed Biceps Emoji Guide

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to rock your existent/non biceps!

Flexing one’s biceps or tightly bending and holding up an arm for the arm’s muscle to bulge, in other words, has been an age-old gesture of showing physical might. The “flexer” may or may not be visiting the gym, but 💪 is a signal that they’re physically strong or just have great biceps. Now, the biceps, if you’re not completely sure, is a large muscle existing between the elbow and the shoulder. It’s present in the top half of the arm and is often used in lifting, pushing, and holding weight. One’s biceps strength can determine the ease with which one can handle and manipulate weight. So, biceps, in general, signify arm strength.

But, here’s a tiny catch. Regular and religious gym-goers don’t really have to flex their biceps to show that they “have some”. It’s just there and visible in any amount. Non-gym-goers, meaning, the rest of us, do have biceps as well. They’re just not as visible and attractive. We need to flex them to make them known. We need to bend and tighten the upper half of our arms to show our biceps – and in doing this, we’re showing that we too are strong. So, in any case, it would be safe to conclude that 💪 suggests physical strength, and arm strength, in particular. But, that’s not always the case. Emojis are a little different and a little more open to interpretation than actual gestures.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the “flexed biceps” emoji, its implications, how to use this emoji, and what it means apart from the obvious. Yeah, it does mean a lot more. Presenting, the gym-goer’s emoji! The 💪 flexed biceps!

Flexed Biceps Emoji

Meaning of 💪

The 💪 Flexed Biceps emoji is one of the “body part” emojis on the list. It signifies arm and bicep strength for starters and goes onto connotate with power, empowerment, and the evident sign that the emoji this arm belongs to definitely hits the gym.

In general contexts, this emoji can also be a symbol of encouragement, assurance, inspiration, and aspiration. Many times, this emoji can also symbolize hard work, dedication, relentlessness, and a sense of being unapologetic for what one stands for.

Does a “Flex” Always Mean Workout?

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Definitively not. A flex is something every human – and in this context, every human with an arm can do. It’s not a “gym person’s thing” nor is it strictly limited to bulky biceps only. Flexing is the art of straining your muscle(s) to make them seem more bulged and subjectively attractive.

Although our biceps don’t look as impressive as a worked-out pair, all of us, humans, have some amount of “biceps” below different layers of fat. It’s all in there, just not relatively strong enough. Henceforth – a flex does not always mean a workout, because anyone including people who never go to the gym can flex. But, online, does a “flex” mean a workout at all?

Again, no. The digital world is as unique and “structurally” formed as the real world. The structure may not be as clearly distinguishable as real structure but, it exists. Here, everyday vocabulary can happen to have different meanings and significances. The words we use and interact with can mean different things that are not very far from the original, but do have their own individual significant streak of meaning.

Memes are a very big part of this “virtual structure” we talk about. They define how words and phrases are interpreted online, actively enough to embed that particular interpretation in the user’s mind. So, the next time they see a similar meme or its inference elsewhere, they know what it means without an actual dictionary or a guide of sorts.

One of the target words for memes a couple of years ago was “flex”. Now, the meme may have died out, but the glossary it left behind is now a part of people’s casual conversations. Flex, in these contexts, does not directly refer to a person’s bulged muscle, but rather the cause and effect of the act.

The cause for flexing is the need and desire to flaunt, and the effect of flexing is impressing watchers. So, now, “to flex” also means to show off, which is not entirely off-track from the original meaning, yet it conveys its own conversational style and meaning. And as a result of having something as your biggest flex or flexing that something, you’re attracting and therefore, impressing and hopefully stirring desire in someone or something.

Yes, We ALL Have Biceps, But Are They All Attractive?

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Of course, not. All biceps are beautiful biceps, but all biceps needn’t be attractive biceps. First of all, attraction and especially sexual attraction is highly personal, and putting a benchmark on something like that is nearly impossible. Each person has their own criteria for appeal and protruding muscles may not always be on the list – and this section is for the times they are.

Thick and tough biceps are hints at the person’s workout regime and their clear success out of it. It’s an indicator of a person’s dedication towards themselves and their bodies – because we all know that workout is not just about hitting the gym, it’s equally about disciplining oneself.

When someone takes the pain or joy of putting themselves on the consistent journey of building and making their bodies and minds, it can be attractive. We’re talking results here. Just the act of working out is not as alluring as the result of working out – unless the person is in the same gym or you send a photo/video of the workout. In random cases, specially when the person(s) knows nothing of your workout but can see that you do workout regularly, then, there’s a fair chance they can find you attractive. But, this isn’t a general norm.

Like we said before, attraction is biased – different people have different biases, but there are people who absolutely love flexed and well-built biceps on both women and men. Does that mean 💪 is just about attractive? Hell, no! This one’s an emoji. Irrespective of how much you resonate with this emoji, 💪 simply cannot replace facts. You may or may not work out, but sending 💪 cannot and will not have DMs (direct messages) raining on your social media. So, what good is 💪 anyway?

Other Significances of 💪


Just because the 💪 emoji gets you no attraction does not mean all hope is lost! Although your attempt to impress may go the drain, there is a lot more you can do with this emoji.

Express encouragement, for instance. If you’re familiar with the iconic Rosie, the riveter, you’d say Come on, sister! We got this! or You can do this! when you use 💪. And this power behind Rosie’s iconic image is the bicep flexing, and not to forget the red bandana and denim shirt. This flex was the defining image of American feminism during World War 2 and has come to be one of the most striking images of feminism ever since.

Rosie’s Biceps

Bicep flexing may be the mark of physical strength and vigor in general, but when it’s condensed and used in a specific genre or part of the genre, it can be quite defining of a larger movement and progress – like Rosie’s biceps.

So, since 💪 was and is so closely associated with an influential yet unfortunately short-lived political turn of events, it has described a lot about the symbol and the gesture in real life – and through this, has added a vibrant set of meanings to 💪 – like encouragement, equality, feminism, equal contribution in society, female workforce, women in power, and womanhood coming together to hold its society together.


Another well-known online and offline word connected to a pair of flexed/flex-able biceps is “ripped”. Now, to be ripped is to have worked one’s biceps out to the best and almost maximum level. It’s when you see “the veins”. Seeing veins on the forearm is meh, but seeing them on the biceps? That takes some kickass determination.

Based on this gym jargon, the 💪 flexed biceps emoji could also suggest one’s resolution, focus, and effort towards one’s own body and thereby, towards anything one puts their mind into. 💪 is an icon of achievement and progress. This symbolism also reiterates the previous significance where we talk of Rosie’s biceps – both sections speak explicitly of grit, courage, and commitment to change and bring about change.

What it Means When Someone Sends 💪?

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This little fan in the audience represents one of the best interpretations of 💪

There is an array of hints behind a person’s use-case and intentions when they use the 💪 emoji. It all goes back to the holy grail of comprehension – the context. Depending on the tone of voice and the virtual circumstance, you can easily decode what the flexed biceps mean – because, online, an emoji is never absolute and is always open to ambiguity; which is further eased by the context.

Another scheme that makes it easier to understand what a sender means when they use 💪, irrespective of the group they fit into (strangers, acquaintances, friends, and dates), is that the focus emoji of this guide is objective. It’s hardly romantic nor intimate unless you’re talking fetishes, and when something is devoid of sex appeal, it’s easier to understand the intent behind its usage – cause it’s ambiguously predictable.

When someone sends 💪 with context, then the emoji would invariably glue up to the message, enhance and communicate exactly what the sender means. But, if you do come across 💪 without context, then there are some primary sections or levels, the emoji could fit into and further diversify, there on.

Here are three of the main levels of interpretation the flexed biceps emoji would root from and can thereafter branch into different meanings.

  • On the physical level – 💪 means strength, toughness, muscularity, vigor and body muscle.
  • On the characteristic level – 💪 suggests attractiveness, confidence, personality, and appeal.
  • On the metaphorical level, which is also our favorite – 💪 stands for motivation, teamwork, support, dedication, loyalty, and togetherness.

How to Use 💪 Correctly?

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There’s no precise incorrect way to use this emoji, but there are a few, highlighted purposes the 💪 emoji can fulfill online. You may apply this emoji likewise, to showcase the following:


We’d like to start the list with the best and previously mentioned interpretation of the 💪 flexed biceps emoji – encouragement. You can attach this emoji with a strengthening and inspiring message, to show that you’re rooting for someone and pushing them to do more and do better. It can be a way of introducing someone to something new or gassing them on something they showed prior interest in. For example:

  • This one’s a perfect job for you, man! Give it a try! 💪
  • I have not a single doubt about it! You can do this, love! 💪


We all know how closely-knit attributes like dedication and commitment are with a pair of flexed biceps. They’re almost synonymous. No effort equals no muscle mass and in this case, no bulky biceps. It’s alright if the latter is not a manifested reality, 💪 still exudes a strong sense of dedication that you can impart online.

So, if you’re flaunting your dedication towards something or if you’re driving someone to dedicate themselves or a part of themselves towards their goals, dreams, and aspirations, and therefore taste the rewarding sweetness as you did, then 💪 would be the perfect emoji. But, just dedication ain’t enough because with it comes the next and the most important part of a transformational journey – courage.


Requoting and paraphrasing Sia, we all need the courage to change – and if 💪 flexed biceps aren’t symbols of change, we don’t know what is. We’re not born with biceps, we obviously, need to train ourselves to have them. In this process, there are hurdles so thick one can lose themselves and their biceps in between.

The only way to get past the barriers is with faith and the courage to work upon that faith – and a clenched arm is often the gesture that’s used to instill unshakable faith and you too can propagate the same value with this emoji, online. Like, “Come on, Barry!! 💪💪You got this man!” or “Don’t you ever back down, mate!“.


Well this one’s the most obvious use-case of the lot. The bulged protrusion on the bicep in this emoji 💪 holds the most immediate symbolism – working out. If you’re referring to the work outs (regular or intermittent), the traits it needs (both ways), or even if you’re showing off your dedication and gym time, this emoji is the ideal fit.

Though there are other emojis that fit into the “gym box” of references, the 💪 biceps seems to be the most well-known and recognizable outcomes of working out (after the abs, of course) and hence, universally works as a symbol of strength training.

Show Off

This is a subset of interpretations relating to the 💪 emoji. It acts as an underlying manner of expression rather than the most apparent. Here, the targeted object of one’s exhibition needn’t always be relevant to the emoji and it’s premise – the gym.

You could show almost anything off, but under one condition – the context needs to have at least one trait or positive consequence related to the emoji like drive, ambition, success, the fruit of hard work, gratification, etc.


This use-case builds a little on the previous section – the fruit of hard work. Achievement is the first harvest of hard work. It’s the result of perseverance, consistency, and diligence all rolled into one – and before you gain anything from a positive outcome, you gain an achievement or a sense of it. It’s all of the same value.

On the emoji list, 💪 is one of the emojis that best symbolizes achievement on the personal level. It demonstrates a very relatable yet specifically achievable success – and we think that’s what gives this emoji its intense and competitive edge.

Power and Empowerment

The 💪 emoji is two-fold in its significance – it is capable of both powering and empowering. You could show something powerful about yourself with this emoji and show something that empowered you with it, as well.

This emoji serves the purpose of both taking control and being resumed with or resuming that control. For instance, “Always take what is yours with power 💪” and “I’m back to taking what’s mine with power 💪” or “Teach children how to make decisions instead of making it for them 💪”.

Related Emojis

john arano h4i9G de7Po unsplash

Physical strength and power are the establishing elements of the 💪 flexed biceps emoji. These attributes best explain the emoji and what it stands for. Apart from the flexed biceps, there are other emojis too that do an equally impressive job at representing the themes of the present emoji. Here are our top emojis that speak of brawn more than anything else.

🦾 Mechanical Arm Emoji

This one may be the robotic/prosthetic version of the 💪 flexed biceps emoji, but don’t you dare demean its power! It’s got enough metal in it to pack the perfect and effortlessly badass punch, which could prove to take the level of impact a few notches higher than a fleshy arm’s punch. The mechanical arm emoji is not only a fierce mechanical addition but is also a wonderfully inclusive emoji that represents the under-represented.

🏋️ Weightlifting Emoji

We’re not sure if it’s humanly possible to be more powerful, in the human form, than a bodybuilder. They’re the epitome of robustness. Though they’re competitively trained to build a more muscular body, we know that beneath all that muscle, they’re low-key powerful. Weightlifters including 🏋️‍♀️ Female Weightlifters and 🏋️‍♂️ Male Weightlifters undertake an exponential range of commitment than the average gymer to do what it takes to build the most stunning yet mighty bodies.

✊ Raised Fist Emoji

A raised fist is a gesture of solidarity, and is often seen in political contexts. In reality, it’s just as powerful as it is online. ✊ is the emoji-in-use especially in frameworks of activism, unanimity, and support.

The ‘power’ that emits from this emoji slightly varies from the 💪 emoji. Here, power is an infectious unity shown by supporters – it is the power of togetherness, the power in people, power in voters, etc.

🦍 Gorilla Emoji

Anyone who knows King Kong would second this choice of our top “power-based emojis”. If bodybuilders were powerful humans, then gorillas are powerful beasts. They’re gentle, kind, nurturing, and wonderful, as long you stay on their good side. The moment that’s not the case, they can be a terrifying enemy.

So, the power in prospect here is physical intimidation, aggression and the power to protect with it. Most species, like 🦏 Rhinos, 🐃 Water Buffalos, 🐂 Oxen and even our own kind are this way, but the most intimidating, apart from angry 🐘 Elephants are angry gorillas.

In Conclusion

The 💪 flexed biceps emoji is the most physical and personal reference to strength, ability, and capability. It adds a “strengthening” effect to almost every virtual scenario given its general air of power, empowerment, motivation, and diligence.

💪 is a positive and uplifting emoji that can cheer up anything less than the best or at its best. Apart from being a “gym-goer’s” emoji, the flexed biceps is also the emoji that comes with the routine of disciplining one’s body, as precisely, one’s arms. It encompasses the ability to flex and to flex good.