🛬 Airplane Arrival


Landing, Reaching, Arriving, Touch Down, Come Down, Stoop Low

🛬 Meaning: A downward airplane designed with a blue, black, and white body, tilting towards the right onto a visible runway. The 🛬 Airplane Arrival emoji represents a landing airplane. It suggests arrival, reaching a destination, and a sense of completing an air journey.

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How and When to Use the 🛬 Airplane Arrival Emoji

  • Use 🛬 while suggesting ‘come down’ or ‘coming down’. For example, “Geez. All of the stuff I had been avoiding came down on me like a hurricane 🛬” or, “Aight. That’s enough soaring. Come down and face your real challenges 🛬”.
  • Although not in a very positive connotation, 🛬 could be used to signify a sense of ‘stooping low’ or ‘stooping down’. For instance, “Whoa. I knew he was trash. But this low? Wow 🛬”.
  • 🛬 could also be used to suggest that you’re jetlagged. Like, “Ayo. Could we postpone the party to tomorrow? I’m heavily jetlagged 🛬”.
  • You could also use 🛬 while sharing social media posts/stories of your landing airplane – it can be a picture, video, boomerang, anything.
  • While texting someone about the next time you’ll be going to a place, you can use 🛬. For example, “We’ll be coming down in Jan!! 🛬”.

Other Names

  • 🛬 Landing
  • 🛬 Landing Airplane
  • 🛬 Arrival
  • 🛬 Reaching
  • 🛬 Touch-Down
  • 🛬 Come Down
  • 🛬 Alight