🚁 Helicopter


Air Travel, Hovering, Rescue Mission, Private Air Travel, Chopper, Helicopter Parenting

🚁 Meaning: The profile description of a helicopter with a bulky cockpit, a rotor mast connected to the rotor blade, and a tail rotor, which sometimes is shown with a long fin on top.

The 🚁 Helicopter emoji represents a private mode of air travel. It could also signify other concepts that incline towards its function rather than transportation, like helicopter parenting.

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How and When to Use the 🚁 Helicopter Emoji

  • If you’re texting a close friend or even a trusted family member about how suffocatingly clingy or nosy someone is being, you can use 🚁. For instance, “It’s like, I CANNOT have a life. She’s always hovering over my everyday routine, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY 🚁”.
  • Similarly, use 🚁 to refer to a helicopter parent and the whole concept of helicopter parenting.
  • Use 🚁 while posting or reposting chopper pictures and/or videos; it can be an interesting video about helicopters, a news post, a helicopter meme, anything.
  • Helicopters are also used in rescue missions. So, when that special (or not) someone asks you to save him/her from somewhere, you can use 🚁 as a way of saying “On my way 🚁” (that way, you’re interesting to chat with and not boring enough to lose a potential date 🙂).

Other Names

  • 🚁 Chopper
  • 🚁 Copter
  • 🚁 Heli
  • 🚁 Whirlybird
  • 🚁 Gyrocopter
  • 🚁 Autogiro
  • 🚁 Eggbeater
  • 🚁 Rotorcraft