✈️ Airplane


Air Travel, Overseas Travel, Flying High, Soaring, Fly, Airplane Mode

✈️ Meaning: A right-facing, overflying plane with a pair of blue wings in front, a white body, and two fins at the back. The wings are designed with two pairs of engines, one pair on each wing.

The ✈️ Airplane emoji represents air travel. It signifies heading for an overseas holiday, a business trip, anything that requires traveling via air. It could also suggest the ‘Airplane Mode’ on any electronic gadget, apart from some other metaphorical significances.

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How and When to Use the ✈️ Airplane Emoji

  • If you’re high (literally or intoxicatedly), you could use ✈️ as a way of saying “I’m fly” or “Flyin’ high”. For example, “I’m so fly, only peace of mind can make me feel high ✈️”.
  • If you’re posting a picture with a motivating caption or you’re wishing someone good luck, you can use ✈️. Like, “Nothing tastes better than soaring heights after a downbeat past ✈️, or “Good luck! I know you will rock this academic research with flying colors! ✈️”.
  • Since ✈️ looks like an overflying plane, you can use this emoji while referring to this movement in other contexts, like, “It’s absolutely alright, okay? All you need to do is, fly. Far above and beyond all the haters ✈️”.
  • Lastly, use ✈️ while sharing pictures/videos as social media posts or stories about your overseas vacation.

Other Names

  • ✈️ Aeroplane
  • ✈️ Plane
  • ✈️ Overflying Airplane
  • ✈️ Aircraft
  • ✈️ Airliner
  • ✈️ Jet
  • ✈️ Airbus