🛰️ Satellite


Space, Outer Space, Earth’s Orbit, Communication, Artificial Satellite, NASA

🛰️Meaning: A rectangular capsule-like body with an antenna dish in front, a deep blue pair of panels on both sides of the body, and a circular and mostly flat end on the hind side of the body.

The 🛰️ Satellite emoji signifies communication, signal transmission, essentially, the television network we pretty much cannot live without. This emoji could also suggest outer space, space, and the earth’s orbit.

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How and When to Use the 🛰️ Satellite Emoji

  • If you’re posting (lucky enough to do so) or reposting anything related to and by NASA, you can use 🛰️ in the caption; it can be a satellite image, the latest NASA news, or even a meme.
  • 🛰️ can pretty much be used in any space and space-related context – a rocket that’s about to launch into space, an image of a couple of astronauts, or specifically satellite news content, pictures, videos, etc.
  • If you’re sharing an aesthetic picture of yourself, someone/anything that you captured and you wish to have a caption/quote that aligns with ‘outer space’ you can use 🛰️ – “So much universe and such little time! 🛰️”.
  • A lot of wordplay if possible with 🛰️. For example, “Give me some space for heaven’s sake! 🛰️” or “Nothing’s better than some quiet space to yourself 🛰️”.

Other Names

  • 🛰️ Space Capsule
  • 🛰️ Space Station
  • 🛰️ Artificial Satellite
  • 🛰️ NASA
  • 🛰️ Communication Satellite
  • 🛰️ Space
  • 🛰️ Outer Space
  • 🛰️ Space Satellite
  • 🛰️ NASA