🇩🇴 Flag: Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic, Hispaniola, Caribbean, Greater Antilles, Santo Domingo, Spanish, DO

🇩🇴 Meaning: A rectangular flag with a central interjection of thick horizontal and vertical white stripes consisting of the coat of arms in the middle. The top-left and the bottom-right portions are navy blue while the remaining squares are filled in red.

The 🇩🇴 Flag: Dominican Republic emoji is a nation in Hispaniola, an island country situated in the Greater Antilles; a Caribbean archipelago. Flag emojis are not supported on all platforms, and in such cases, this emoji is shown as ‘DO’, the country code.

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Other Names

  • 🇩🇴 Flag of the Dominican Republic
  • 🇩🇴 Dominican Flag
  • 🇩🇴 Quisqueyan Flag
  • 🇩🇴 Dom Rep Flag
  • 🇩🇴 Country Code – DO