🚬 Cigarette


Smoking, Cancer, Intoxication, Quitting, Burn, Inhalation, Smoke, Addiction

🚬 Meaning: The profile description of an almost-done cigarette. The emoji is characterized by a tiny portion of a filter, a white paper on the body that’s burning with visible smoke strokes, and black ash at the tip.

The 🚬 Cigarette emoji represents smoking and lung cancer (the truth is always bitter). Apart from signifying detrimental health, this emoji could suggest ‘drags’, breaks, addiction, relief, and of course, withdrawals.

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How and When to Use the 🚬 Cigarette Emoji

  • While texting someone close about a tiresome situation or conversation, you can use 🚬. For example, “The meeting’s gonna be a long drag 🚬” or “Ugh. That show was such a drag 🚬”.
  • Apart from the effort to quit smoking, 🚬 may even symbolize the positive connotations of ‘quitting’ (essentially, quitting “bad” habits). For instance, “We all do things that are bad for us 🚬” or “Quit this toxicity 🚬. You have a massive life ahead. You wouldn’t be able to take it”.
  • If you’re talking about something or someone who’s being/been misleading use 🚬. Like, “He just blew smoke over all her dreams 🚬” or “She was blowing smoke throughout the interview! 🚬”.
  • You can use 🚬 in contexts of addictions as well – “Okay, wow. Looked like I’m addicted to all the wrong things 🚬” or “Don’t call love an addiction 🚬. You’re addicted to something you cannot get rid of, not something you want to live with”.
  • 🚬 not only represents tobacco cigarettes, but it could also refer to cigars, vapes, joints, bongs, and other related intoxicants.

Other Names

  • 🚬 Burning Cigarette
  • 🚬 Ciggy/Cig
  • 🚬 Smoke
  • 🚬 Smoking
  • 🚬 Rolled Smoking
  • 🚬 Tobacco Cigarettes
  • 🚬 Vaping
  • 🚬 Jo/Joint
  • 🚬 Cigar