🗿 Moai


Mystery, Immovability, Easter Island, Human Face, Stone Structure, Tombstone

🗿 Meaning: A right-facing facial stone structure, featuring a large, pointy nose, a pair of eyes that seem to be caved into the crease, a tightly shut and protruding mouth, and the slight outlining of an ear at the side.

The 🗿 Moai emoji represents the facial statues found on Easter Island. Apart from signifying a well-known mystery and a tombstone, this emoji could suggest a sense of being fixated, immovable, and unchangeable.

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How and When to Use the 🗿 Moai Emoji

  • Since 🗿 focuses on an anonymous face more than anything else, you can use this emoji while referring to the “face” of something. Like, “I’m the face of that group! 🗿” or “Would you like to be the face of our brand?? 🗿 A prettier one, ofc”.
  • If you’re sharing posts or reposts on mystery and thrill, 🗿 could be an inclusion (it adds to the literal quotient and the creepy one) -“The mystery of the missing common sense remains unsolved 🗿”.
  • Setting the creepiness aside 🗿 is made of stone; thus, Moais can be counted as something evergreen and unchanging. For example, “External beauty fades, but it takes a truly beautiful soul to continue looking and being beautiful 🗿” or “We fail to differentiate between looking beautiful and being beautiful 🗿”
  • Generally, 🗿 could be the perfect partner for statue-based content; statue pictures, intriguing statue videos, or even a text message saying “I’m not going anywhere! 🗿”, etc.

Other Names

  • 🗿 Easter Island
  • 🗿 Moai Statue
  • 🗿 Stone(d) Face
  • 🗿 Rapa Nui
  • 🗿 Human-Faced Statue
  • 🗿 Human Rock Carving
  • 🗿 Moyai/Moyai Statue
  • 🗿 Easter Island Statue