📣 Megaphone


Cheers!, Shoutout, Big Deal, Congratulations, Singularly Directed Audio

📣 Meaning: A conical loudspeaker with just two rims, one at both ends, and a handle at the lower section. The 📣 Megaphone emoji signifies amplification which is not exactly for PA like a 📢 Loudspeaker, but for directional audio that’s generally manually generated.

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How and When to Use the 📣 Megaphone Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a massive ‘Congratulations’ social media post/story/text message, you could use 📣. Like,“OMGGGG!! Cannot, CANNOT keep calm! My baby sister finally made it! 📣” or “Wooohoo! Congratulations! You deserve ittt 📣”.
  • Apart from just congratulating others, use 📣 even while sharing personal/professional milestones via textual conversations or even on your social media handle – “Yep. I GOT THROUGH!!! 📣”.
  • While sharing posts/reposts on ‘shoutouts’, 📣 should be in the context – “A huge shoutout to all who survived 2020 📣”.
  • Essentially, 📣 is the emoji description of ‘making a big deal’. Hence, you could use it that way. For instance, “Make a big deal out of yourself, man 📣 That way even if nobody does, it wouldn’t bother you”.
  • Also known as a ‘Cheering Megaphone’, 📣 could also be used to indicate cheers or to enhance a cheerful context. For example, “I’d always believed in ya, mate. Cheers, you earned it 📣”.

Other Names

  • 📣 Cheering Megaphone
  • 📣 Speaking Trumpet
  • 📣 Bullhorn
  • 📣 Blowhorn
  • 📣 Loudhailer
  • 📣 Shoutout
  • 📣 Loudspeaker
  • 📣 Blaring
  • 📣 Amplification Speaker