8 Pink Emojis That Fulfil The Need For Some Pink

Trigger Warning: None of them are “girly”.

Pink is a wonderful color. It’s rosy, floral, and has a wide range of shades and hues. But there’s something very unfortunate that happened to the color. It’s one of the most gendered colors along with its pal, 🟦 Blue.

Due to the color’s ‘feminine’ significance, it’s often restricted to the female side of the gender spectrum. Times are changing, slowly and steadily. Pink is no longer just a female’s color. But many continue to have this distorted mental image of pink especially when it comes to “gender reveals”.

Anyway, the good news is that pink is becoming a universal color. A personal choice, irrespective of the gender. Supporting that gender neutrality, the Unicode list offers a concise but interesting list of all pink emojis. Dive in to know which are those.

Tulip Emoji

🌷 Tulip Emoji

Though there are a variety of colors in tulips, the emoji world highlights the pink tulip. 🌷 is one of the best emojis in contexts of admiration, love, appreciation, and anything that’s bound to radiate positive and welcoming energy. 🌷 also makes for a sweet celebration emoji where the congratulatory tone is elegantly in between.

Hibiscus Emoji

🌺 Hibiscus Emoji

This is another flower emoji that’s all pink on all platforms. It happens to be in the same situation as the tulip; pink selection. The hibiscus is a very resourceful plant when it comes to a range of health, hair, and skin concerns. The earthiness of the hibiscus flower can be replicated in related contexts with 🌺.

Flamingo Emoji

🦩 Flamingo Emoji

The flamingo is a pink character both offline and online. It’s powered by beta carotene and inspiration respectively. The skin of the 🦩 flamingo appears in different shades of pink on different platforms and is carried out the same way in reality as well.

Cherry Blossom Emoji

🌸 Cherry Blossom Emoji

Cherry blossoms are naturally occurring in any one of the three colors; white, pink, and greenish-yellow. Most flowers are pink throughout the bloom season. The ones that aren’t too are said to gradually turn pink too!

So, 🌸 is pink no matter what and so should your choice in colors be!

Since the cherry blossom originates from Japan, 🌸 fits perfectly into any Japanese framework. It could be based on Japanese festivals, poetry/literature, or their teachings of beauty pertaining to this flower and tree.

Love Hotel Emoji

🏩 Love Hotel Emoji

🏩 is another emoji that appears pink on all emoji-supportive formats, although real love hotels are not always pink.

This emoji could be portrayed as a pink-dominant symbol because of the mainstream interpretation of the color. Pink is said to be all about love, romance, and seduction. Besides, that love quotient is doubled when this pink is combined with a good amount of red.

Pig Face Emoji

🐷 Piggies

The reason we referred to this emoji as “piggies” instead of ‘piggy’ or ‘pig’ is both endearment, and in reference to the varieties of this emoji animal.

All pig emojis are shown as completely pink and in some cases, with a little red. Yep, meat. The other pig variants that are also “pink emojis” are the 🐖 Full Body of the Pig and 🐽 Snoot.

Just for the record, not all pigs are pink. There are white, black, and polka-dotted piggies too.

Brain Emoji

🧠 Brain Emoji

The human brain is made up of gray matter and white matter entwined with loads of nerves. So this amounts to black or gray, white and red colors in the brain. Pink is not the actual color of the brain. But, it’s used in 🧠 to showcase a pretty picture of the brain and of course, to level up to the animated format of emojis.

Ribbon Emoji

🎀 Ribbon Emoji

🎀 does not appear as a pink symbol always, but it does on most platforms. On sites that don’t show this emoji as a pink bow, 🎀 is shown as a deep pink bowtie or a red bow with some pink detailing.

The next time you want to post content online some pink in the text, we hope these pink emojis are quick to fix that pink selectiveness.