5 Speech Bubble Emojis to Say Exactly What You Mean

When “how you say it” is equally important, online too.

We’ve heard a gazillion times that it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Simple. It’s all about the intonation; your tone. Keep your words strong and your tone convincing. Easy peasy.

But it ain’t that easy peasy in the virtual context.

In a physical conversation, it’s easier to tell someone that you didn’t mean it that way. But, online, it becomes a task to correctly convey what you did mean because anything that’s not done in person is bound to be open to interpretation. Thus, leading to a lot of misunderstandings that may not have even been part of the initial intention.

That’s where speech bubbles come into the picture. They’re very useful in non-personal contexts; when your content (captions, comments, messages, etc) is bound to reach hundreds or even thousands. These symbols aid in affirming the true intent of the message.

So, to save all the unnecessary comebacks and hate in return for expressing your opinion on a largely consumed platform, you could use speech bubbles or balloons, and say what you exactly mean.

Speech Balloon Emoji

💬 Speech Balloon

Every person of the “texting” generation can instantly recognize this symbol. 💬 means texting or chatting. The dots suggest that someone’s typing their message. It could also mean that they have something to say.

This emoji also indicates a conversant atmosphere, one that doesn’t involve drama. It shows that all the people texting are equally reasonable. We all know that one unapproachable person.

  • We’re just texting. All cool now 💬
  • She’s typing her reply 💬
  • In my opinion 💬, there’s nothing wrong with the video.
Eye in Speech Bubble Emoji

👁‍🗨 Eye in Speech Balloon

Since 👁‍🗨 represents the anti-bullying campaign or the sense of ‘being a witness’, this emoji could suggest awareness. And with awareness, comes the tone of being woke, awake and aware.

Contexts that demand a certain level of awareness, conversations that aren’t faff, and everything that’s anti-pep-talk, could use this emoji. The eye in 👁‍🗨 is the embodiment of that self-awareness.

  • Yo. Watch what you say to people, man 👁‍🗨
  • I need a reply that’s coming from a place of awareness, please 👁‍🗨
  • What lacks most in most is self-awareness 👁‍🗨
  • Could you hear yourself, for once? 👁‍🗨
Left Speech Bubble Emoji

🗨️ Left Speech Bubble

Not only does 🗨️ suggest “empty talk” or a state of blankness, but it also signifies nothing much (our fav response to small talk). 🗨️ evokes indifference, disconnection, and an uncomfortable virtual vibe.

However, there is a possibility that 🗨️ can also indicate thought processing. A time when we showcase a blank conversational forefront, while we do some thinking and processing in the backend.

🗨️ could express that you’re open to ideas, opinions, discussions, etc., too. It’s also an invitation to “be open to interpretation” (the very thing this list is trying to solve).

  • I don’t know what to say 🗨️
  • Honestly? I have no clue 🗨️
  • Nothing much, man 🗨️ What you up to?
  • This is just what I believe in. I’d love to know what you guys have to say 🗨️
Right Anger Bubble Emoji

🗯️ Right Angry Bubble

Sometimes, it’s all in the name.

We all rant. To the person closest to us, or on our social media profiles; to reach the people who care a damn about us (aka, our followers). Sometimes, we bleed the rant and the anger onto larger platforms such as the comments section.

In all these virtual contexts, we make that extra effort to put our exact thoughts and ideas across. If you’re pissed off, show it. If you’re not, show it. Nothing good ever came from saying what you don’t mean or misunderstood for what you meant.

  • Can no one see the damage this “joke” is doing to the person?! 🗯️🗯️
  • People are so horrible, I tell ya. 🗯️
  • How is that supposed to make women feel any better??!! 🗯️ You’re being the same amount of creepy.
Thought Balloon Emoji

💭 Thought Bubble

If you’re sending your “thoughts” across, or if you’re asking for theirs, 💭 would be very useful. “Thoughts” are the safest way to put opinions out in the world. In a place where everyone’s quick to judge, it’s easier to start with “In my opinion” or “I think” rather than with the actual thought or idea.

  • As far as I know, most men are terrifyingly creepy 💭
  • – Most people can be trash – Thoughts? 💭
  • I was just thinking if we could credit women for what they say before crediting the man for saying exactly what she said 💭💭

Expression is vital to human existence. Once you’re human, it becomes a mandatory drive to express how you feel, the thoughts you have, the ideas you come up with, and the opinions you own. No, not with the entire world, per se, even personally and with a smaller crowd.

But. In the virtual world, a single thought or action can never go without being replicated over and over until most people on that particular platform are aware of what’s happening. In their own ways. In most cases, until the original intent of that piece of content is lost in translation.

As important as it is to express, it’s equally important to express it the right way. And these emojis are here to help pave that “right way”.