🎀 Ribbon


Gift, Accessory, Bowtie, Special, Cute, Smart, Dressed Up

🎀 Meaning: A pink ribbon made into a bow in the middle with both ends tied behind and spread out below. The 🎀 Ribbon emoji could represent a gift and an accessory. It signifies a sense of being elegant, cute, smart, and special (even if you’re the present *wink wink*).

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How and When to Use the 🎀 Ribbon Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone that you’re dressed up and ready to go or you’re sharing a social media story or post of the same, you can use 🎀 in those contexts. For example, “All set for my baby sister’s 25th birthday! 🎀”.
  • A bow-tied ribbon could also suggest a sense of being wrapped up or wrapping a gift. So, while letting your bestie know that the gift the two of you decided on for the third bestie is ready, you can use 🎀 – “The package has arrived!!! 🎀She’s gonna love it!”.
  • Also, it’s a bow, and it’s pink. Nothing about it makes it “feminine” or only related to women. Go on, stretch out the societal norm until it breaks and use it even for “manly” or “masculine” things too. For instance, “Just picked up a present for my love! 🎀”
  • While posting or reposting content on hairstyling, bows, bowties, etc, 🎀 is a mandatory emoji in the caption.

Other Names

  • 🎀 Pink Bow
  • 🎀 Bow
  • 🎀 Bowtie
  • 🎀 Tied Ribbon
  • 🎀 Gift Ribbon
  • 🎀 Ribbon Bow
  • 🎀 Pink Ribbon