13 Meme Emojis That Are Reasonably Funny

Potential emojis to support online memes.

Memes are everywhere. They’re basically the way the virtual world communicates today. Someone sends you tons of memes, they either like you, like your company, your sense of humor, or even want a place in your heart. Someone ignores your memes, they’re probably tired of memes or of you. It’s wonderful how binding humor can be.

With evolving memes is the evolving basis of what counts as a meme. It’s no longer “Kids, Men and Legends” or “Twitter, Facebook, Tinder and LinkedIn profile pictures” or even facial reactions to things. It’s a lot more than that today, and it will be a lot more than that, tomorrow.

Some emojis have made special appearances in this “Game of Memes”. They’ve been effective and vastly replicated as well. This is a list of those emojis. The “meme emojis”.

Slightly Smiling Face Emoji

🙂 Slightly Smiling Face Emoji

Ever since sarcasm took the internet by storm, this face is has been “the face” of that trend.
You just said something none of us had a clue of 🙂
Nice 🙂
Wonderful 🙂
You’re just great at raining on my parade, right? 🙂

You get the gist. And you also get why this one of the meme emojis. 🙂 is not just smiling. It could be a bitchface, a disinterested face, an ignoring face, or a face that wants to tell to your face, how stupid you are.

Smiling Face with Tear Emoji

🥲 Smiling Face With Tear Emoji

We all probably remember the launch of this emoji, it was rather recent than, most of the emojis on the list. And we might recall the absolute hilarity surrounding 🥲. It’s the perfect expression for so many of us.

  • I wrote this for you 🙂
    Aww. How sweet! What’s it about?
    It’s about how much I love you!
    *starts to read, only to realize it’s a song. A famous song, nauseatingly replicated*
    Thanks. It warms my heart 🥲
  • You’re pathetic taste in people always amazes me 🥲
  • It’s alright. I can get through it 🥲
Exploding Head Emoji

🤯 Exploding Head Emoji

We’ve all had experiences that completely blew our minds. It could be something we watched, heard, or even theorized. 🤯 is the emoji expression of the exact emotion we felt at those turning points.

But that’s not what makes 🤯 a meme emoji. It’s the potential “sarcastic touch” that makes it a great meme emoji.

  • The video is an edit, guys. It’s not real!
    No shit, Sherlock! 🤯
  • Did you know that honey is actually bee’s vomit?
    No shit, Sherlock! 🤯🤯
  • I told him exactly how I feel about him.
    Since when did YOU start standing up for yourself?? 🤯🤯🤯
⊛ Disguised Face Emoji

🥸 Disguised Face Emoji

This one was launched around the same time as the smiling face with a tear. It may not be a well-recognized meme emoji, but there’s a lot of capacity in there.

There are times when we know something’s off. When something or someone is not what they actually are. More like, we can see through the mask or “read into” things.

  • Wow. I couldn’t recognize you at all! 🥸
  • I wonder what could be different this time 🥸
Face With Monocle Emoji

🧐 Face With Monocle Emoji

Given the heavy sarcastic shade in this emoji, it counts as a workable meme emoji. 🧐 is looking. Not at you, but something in you. It’s also looking for something, in literal and humorous senses.

  • Yo! Check out, my new girlfriend!
    Wow. That’s an upgrade! I wonder what she saw in you that she didn’t see in the mirror 🧐
  • Any luck?
    None. Still finding why I’m stuck with you 🧐
  • All these glasses and I still don’t know what I see for my future 🧐 *weeps behind the screen*
Face Screaming In Fear Emoji

😱 Face Screaming in Fear Emoji

This one’s screaming alright. But not necessarily out of fear, but something terrible, frightening, or even terribly frightening!

  • I fear for your sense of judgement, gurl! 😱
  • How did I NOT know you were this bad at making decisions? 😱
  • You’re making better choices?! I’m stunned! 😱😱
Smiling Face With Horns Emoji

😈 Smiling Face With Horns Emoji

Bwahahah. I’m naughty and nice.
Bwahahah. I’m flirty and I’ve failed thrice.
But not tonight.

This is pretty much what 😈 is about; mischief. If Loki was an emoji, this one would be him. But what’s the meme quotient here? It’s the ambiguity. Although this emoji is outright evil, it’s potentially harmless.

  • I’mma bring down that cheat day to today 😈 Because I’m the master of my destiny.
  • Looks like you just walked into a trap 😈
  • Wow. Any plans for the special day?? 😈😈
Skull Emoji

💀 Skull Emoji

Death. Sorrow. Negativity. Fear. Horror. Are these the thoughts that pop in your mind when you look at 💀? First off, none of them are related to each other. And secondly, what’s so bad about death, anyway? Our own, not that of loved ones.

Now, 💀 as a meme emoji.

You may have come across many comments on social media posts that used 💀. Some of those comments may have meant that the subject of the post was deathly. This emoji could also be used to show that you don’t support something.

  • *a post about multiflavored candy*
    Wow. That really stole my appetite for the day 💀
  • So… You’re saying, you don’t “mind” people screwing with your food? 💀💀 Nah, bruh. BIG ASS NAH.
Clown Face Emoji

🤡 Clown Face Emoji

Can there be jokes without a joker?

The clown face, as creepy and unsettling as it is, this one’s a mighty hit as a meme emoji. When you come across someone or something being or acting no less than a joke, use 🤡.

When we say “joke”, it’s not exactly referring only to comedy, it’s rather satirical.

  • What’s that?? The govt. ain’t providing basics? Haha. Why didn’t I see this coming 🤡
  • Threatening a woman with rape is basically balls talking for the brains 🤡🤡 Buck up, buddy! You ain’t a pair of ballsacks!
Alien Emoji

👽 Alien Emoji

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. How on earth is an alien a meme emoji now?! Exactly why. It’s not earthly.

👽 represents everything that’s unknown, unworldly, and “out of this world”. In some cases, it could also refer to the “fear of the unknown”.

But, the truth is, that this emoji is a cute one and a meme-worthy one as well. So, when you cannot relate to something or when something seems out of place, this emoji would be the perfect comeback.

  • How difficult is the difference between Gorilla glue and Gorila hair gel 👽
  • Not sure. Never happened to me, and it never will. So, I can’t tell you how I’d react 👽👽
Pinching Hand Emoji

🤏 Pinching Hand Emoji

Have you ever been really close to doing something or saying something that’s rude, impolite, and maybe even destructive? Of course, you have! We’ve all had at least one instance where our self-control impressed us. 🤏 is an expression of that self-control.

  • How close are you to destroying those who spoil a series for you? 🤏

🤏 is not just about that! This emoji is a hilarious one while quantifying something as well.

  • How close creeps are to me on a public bus 🤏
  • How tolerant I am to intolerance 🤏
  • When we talk about the “wage gap”, the privileged say it’s hardly there and even if it is, it’s no more than 🤏
  • Glass ceiling? Women and men are just about this 🤏 different. There’s no such thing as a glass ceiling.
⊛ Pinched Fingers Emoji

🤌 Pinched Fingers Emoji

This one’s a new addition to the emoji family. It’s an old gesture, and quite well-known too, but it’s an emoji only recently. 🤌 is the Italian manner of saying “What the fuck?” or “WTF“, which is efficiently adapted in many cultures and nationalities across the world.

  • Bro. Did you just patronize me? 🤌
  • Are you kidding me now?? I said the same, exact thing, dude 🤌🤌🤌 Being a dude doesn’t make my ideas yours, just the voice changes, ugh.

You could also use 🤌 as a reaction to something.

  • Please look at this wonderful video that’s sure to brighten up your day 🤌
  • What even? HOW does THAT say I’m gay? 🤌🤌🤌
Writing Hand Emoji

✍️ Writing Hand Emoji

The writing hand is one of the latest meme emojis. Generally, this emoji would suggest writing, making notes, etc., but in the context of a meme, ✍️ signifies reassertion and reassurance.

  • Never take showers for granted ✍️✍️ You could always run out of water.

In fact, this emoji could also be a sarcastic response to a social media post or repost.

  • *watches a strange video about hair coloring*
    If you don’t have it, don’t bleach it ✍️✍️✍️

Humor can never run out of style. It could never be overdone or underdone. It’s there, always present to brighten up your day, lighten your mood and push you to live just a little bit while you’re busy existing. However, much like everything on the planet, humor too is evolving.

We all find farts, funny faces, and clowns funny, but most of us are also drawn to inclusive humor; one that includes everything and not one thing, thus creating differentiation. Relatability, contemporariness, equality and wit are what make humor today.

Whatever may be your way of making people and yourself laugh, we hope these meme emojis would be helpful in that virtual journey.