🤯 Exploding Head


Mind Blown, Amazed, Headache, Frustration, Shocked, Surprised, OMG

🤯 Meaning: A yellow face with just the lower half of the head, the top half is an illustration of an exploded head with some brain sticking out. The lower half of the face has blank eyes and a surprised, toothless mouth.

The 🤯 Exploding Head emoji depicts a state of being ‘mind-blown’. But in hindsight, it can also mean frustration, exhaustion, and mental saturation. This emoji has a literal meaning of having a splitting headache or a migraine too (morbid, but that’s an angle).

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How and When to Use the 🤯 Exploding Head Emoji

  • If you’re having an impossible conversation, use this emoji in those lines (but disclaimer, it can piss the other person off).
  • If you’re talking about that impossible conversation you had with another person, use this emoji to express the gist of that conversation (it’s safer to use it here).
  • Use this emoji while telling your boyfriend/girlfriend about the horribly long day you had.
  • You can also use this emoji as a reaction to something incredible you just witnessed (hence, the term ‘mind blown’).

Other Names

  • 🤯 Mind Blown
  • 🤯 Mind-Blowing
  • 🤯 Headache
  • 🤯 Frustration
  • 🤯 Amazed
  • 🤯 Shocked Face With Exploding Head
    🤯 OMG
    🤯 Unbelievable