Feminist Emojis to Make You Uncomfortable. Again.

Because emojis have more equality than humans.

AH. Here we go again.

People who don’t understand feminism and the idea behind the movement are quick to react with hate towards anything “feminist” calling it loud, annoying, and “in the face”. That’s what happens when someone who’s been asked to shut up all their life stands to speak up for themself.

There have been valid portrayals of what the feminist movement is all about throughout history and even in the present. Women and recently, men too have been putting up strong fights against this cruel inequality, disproportionate representation, injustice, and crimes against women.

However, many still don’t get the point.

One of the potential reasons behind this resistance to make equality the norm, could lie in feminazism; a strong opposition against men and a twisted version of the feminism story. Thus, creating the wrong idea of the movement in many minds and thus leading to more female violence.

The real world is as crazy as it gets and it’s not always the good kind of crazy especially in the sphere of equality and women empowerment. But, the virtual world is changing for the better. There’s been a radical shift in the emoji world by including genders that aren’t patriarchal and most importantly, emojis that are equal. Presenting, feminist emojis.

Woman Bald Emoji

๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿฆฒ Bald Women

Imposing women to have long and luscious locks as an important criterion to be seen as a “beautiful” woman is absurd. It’s been made that way by our colorful and vast patriarchal society. This ideology is what makes men with long hair seem feminine.

Truth is, not all women like having long hair (and not all men like it short). Some women love short choppy hair and some, even bald. But does that make her any less of a woman? Hell, no! That’s like saying a pineapple without its crown makes it less of a pineapple. Or setting aside your crown makes you less of a queen.

woman beard 1f9d4 200d 2640 fe0f 1

๐Ÿง”โ€โ™€๏ธ Bearded Woman

A bearded lady is an uncommon sight but it’s not inexistent. Women with beards exist. Women with excessive facial hair and body hair due to hormones, hormonal imbalances, or syndromes by PCOD and PCOS exist. We’re all real people.

Owning all that we are is easier said than done. It’s not tough to own what we are, it’s tough to live in an unaccepting society. A society that waits to shame, scrouge, discourage, hurt, marginalize, and isolate is a scary place to truly be yourself.

And when women, especially those who are different own themselves in such a society, it’s a bullet passing through two or three standards and that’s wonderful.

โŠ› Woman In Tuxedo Emoji

๐Ÿคตโ€โ™€๏ธ Woman in a Tux

The beautiful lady here is definitely wearing something society didn’t stitch up for her. She’s wearing what she wants! But, this outfit is not a discomforting sight. She’s all covered up. That’s the reason behind violence anyway, right? Skin? So, maybe she won’t be violated? Very, very, very few chances. That’s how bad it is.

We thought human skin made humans uncomfortable. But it’s not just skin. Showing too much skin is considered a “hint”, wearing what we want is a hint, wearing fitted clothes is a hint, heck, identifying and recognizing oneself as a woman counts as a hint. Hints for sexual intercourse.

But, guess what. None of those “hints” were intended. None of them were hints in the first place. So, people think they’re doing us, women a favor by converting anything and everything into a hint. Thus, rape.

They believe we’re asking for it when simply, we’re existing. Actually, no. We’re fighting to exist.

Despite all the sexual predation in the society, women, and other genders standing their ground and fighting for equal existence as a human are feminists. Like we’ve said before, clothes have no gender.

Woman Judge Emoji

Women in Professions Other Than What’s Considered “Safe”

Many women would agree that they’re forced to pick a job in the teaching field. It’s always the first option. Apparently, teaching is the “best” job for a woman. Reasons? If you’re in the teaching field, your prime focus is children. And what’s the sole purpose of a woman’s existence? Children!

Ain’t that a match made in heaven?

Research has it that women are “naturally great with children”. While that may be largely true, this so-called fact forces us to settle for something that’s bound to change. Because honestly? Women, like all humans, run out of patience!

Generalizing every woman to be the safest in the teaching field, while actively holding back every other job opportunity from her seems like a convenient and soothing rub on patriarchy. Almost putting it to sleep.

Given a choice, most women wouldn’t want to be a teacher. But, they aren’t given that choice. In fact, finding a woman with a say in all that happens in her life is rare considering the male-dominated world we live in.

Feminist Emojis: Emojis Representing Women @ the Workplace/Education

Please note: Most of the following emojis hardly occur in real life, and that’s precisely what they’re about. Equality.

Feminist Emojis: Emojis Representing Women in the Field of Sports/Activities

We know it’s not all men. But, it’s evidently almost all women.

99% of women have experienced some sort of sexual harassment, abuse, groping, stalking, comments on their bodies, humiliation, and objectification at least once in their lives, which is most often not the last. This happens both online and in real life.

Most of the criminals are men. Men are victims of sexual abuse too, but clearly, the stats don’t match. Not even close. So, this calls for the need. A desperate need for change. And that change is what feminism is all about. A change that will make female life safer, easier, and better. We need feminism to rule out both these statistics and the existence of these stats.

It’s natural to get bugged by something that’s constantly in the face. It’s like a buzzing mosquito ruining your night’s sleep. To get rid of that mosquito, you switch on the fan, whack it, do anything in your power to fix the issue.

Similarly, if you want things like gender inequality, feminism, sexual exploitation, gender-based violence, sexism, misogyny, patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and so much more out of your face or your ear, you ought to act on it. You ought to respond to what’s happening.

You ought to fix the issue(s).