🩳 Shorts


Leisure, Casual Wear, Comfort, Summer, Swimming Shorts, Vacation

🩳 Meaning: A pair of yellow bermudas, seemingly made of jersey material, designed with a white border at the edges of both legs and the two ends of a red rope hanging from the crunched waistband.

The 🩳 Shorts emoji is another emoji in the emoji list representing casual or even summer wear, irrespective of gender, that is. It may suggest leisure, vacation, or just going out for any laid-back occasion.

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How and When to Use the 🩳 Shorts Emoji

  • A pair of shorts may also refer to an elementary boy’s school uniform, and many times this could signify naivety and innocence. So, if you’re bringing this kind of description into any context, you may use 🩳. For example, “Man up, boi. You’re no longer in school 🩳”.
  • Did you just make an impromptu swim plan? Or are you pestering your buddies of that one plan that’s being stretched for the past 5 years? In such cases, use 🩳. Like, “Let’s go for a nice, mindless swim!! 🩳”.
  • Are you posting a social media story/post of someone who’s just chilling and gaming on the couch like there’s no tomorrow? Then, use 🩳. For instance, “My woman’s been gaming for the past 48 hours 🩳. Someone please send help”.
  • If you’re sharing a social media status or texting someone of your summer scene, use 🩳 – “Summer’s FINALLY here!! And so are my airy clothes! 🩳”.

Other Names

  • 🩳 Bermudas
  • 🩳 A Pair of Shorts
  • 🩳 Short Pants
  • 🩳 Half Pant
  • 🩳 Boxers
  • 🩳 Uniform Pants
  • 🩳 Jersey Shorts