🧢 Billed Cap


Fashion, Outdoors, Protection, Casual Style, Sports, Baseball Cap

🧢 Meaning: A right-facing blue cap with a round covering for the head and a concave rectangular protective structure in front. The 🧢 Billed Cap emoji suggests casual fashion, heading outdoors, hot climate, and sports that generally have the players wearing one of these.

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How and When to Use the 🧢 Billed Cap Emoji

  • If you’re reposting a viral video or a post of someone lying (not in a cute way), you may use 🧢 in that context.
  • Similarly, if someone’s saying something that’s dismissive, hard to believe, or outright stupid/offensive/dishonest, drop 🧢 into the conversation. For example, “Nah, mate. You lied, end of story 🧢”.
  • You could also use 🧢 while asking someone to ‘keep it real’ or even while typing out a caption meaning the same for a kickass picture or video. Like, “Keeping it real because I literally have no time for BS 🧢”.
  • While posting or reposting content on sports such as baseball, cricket, etc that wear 🧢 as part of the protective uniform, use this emoji.

Other Names

  • 🧢 Blue Cap
  • 🧢 Starter Cap
  • 🧢 Baseball Cap
  • 🧢 Eyeshade
  • 🧢 Bill Cap
  • 🧢 Blue Billed Cap
  • 🧢 Vizor Cap