šŸ§µ Thread


Fabric, Stitching, Commonality, Fashion, Clothing, Tailoring, Together

šŸ§µ Meaning: A cylindrical wooden spool with a bundle of blue (or any other color) thread tightly spun around it with the last bit held out loose or outside the spool, onto the steady surface beneath.

The šŸ§µ Thread emoji signifies raw material, the art of tailoring and embroidering, stitching, and a sense of being connected or threaded together. From a larger perspective, this emoji can suggest fashion too.

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How and When to Use the šŸ§µ Thread Emoji

  • If youā€™re messaging your best friend, a trusted family member, or even your significant other about how someone or something is on the verge of a fall, you can use šŸ§µ ā€“ ā€œI have a feeling her mental health is hanging by a thread šŸ§µ Every time I ask her to see a therapist, she refusesā€.
  • Similarly, if your post/repost caption goes along the lines of fragility, vulnerability, or naivety, you can use šŸ§µ. For example, ā€œItā€™s alright if you seem to be hanging by a thread, you can always climb back up šŸ§µā€.
  • If youā€™re starting to see patterns in someoneā€™s conversations, behaviors, mood sets, etc, and youā€™re texting someone about it, you can use šŸ§µ. For instance, ā€œEvery single girl he dates is a common thread šŸ§µ Every one knows everyone and the worst part is that heā€™s the worst relationship theyā€™re all trying to get overā€.
  • Did you pick up a long lost hobby? Get in touch with a childhood friend? Or rekindle some high school romance? Are you sharing a social media memory of it or a text message to someone close? You can use šŸ§µ in all those contexts ā€“ ā€œSo glad to pick up this thread after years! šŸ§µā€.

Other Names

  • šŸ§µ Spool of Thread
  • šŸ§µ Blue Thread
  • šŸ§µ Wooden Spool of Thread
  • šŸ§µ Tailoring Thread
  • šŸ§µ Stitching Thread
  • šŸ§µ Threading