🖼️ Framed Picture


Art, Importance, Value, Impressiveness, Painting, Scenario, Picture, Special Memory

🖼️ Meaning: A scenic painting of bright highlands, greenery, blue skies, and a couple of clouds with the sun peeping out of one of them. This beautiful painting/picture is highlighted with a square wooden frame.

The 🖼️ Framed Picture emoji has two main aspects to it; the frame and the picture. The frame could signify the importance, value, or even specialty of something and the picture could represent a painting, a memory, a scenario, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🖼️ Framed Picture Emoji

  • If you’re asking someone to see the big picture, asking them about their version of it, etc, use 🖼️. Like, “You’re working a 9 to 5, genius. What exactly is the big picture according to you? 🖼️”.
  • Similarly, if you’re asking someone to ‘paint you a picture’ of someone or something, use 🖼️. You could also use this inference in a post caption, a social media story, etc. For instance, “He asked me to paint him a picture of myself and I sent him the photo of pure gold 🖼️”.
  • If you’re responding to something superlative; super stupid, super incredible, super impressive, etc, etc, you could use 🖼️. For example, “WOW. That’s the most sense you’ve made in months! I’ve got to frame this conversation! 🖼️”.
  • In a similar framework, you could also use 🖼️ in casual contexts that include the word ‘frame’ or just refer to it – “I don’t think she was in her right frame of mind 🖼️ or “So…. Christmas presents, eh? Am I in the frame, by any chance, hehe? 🖼️”.

Other Names

  • 🖼️ Painting
  • 🖼️ Framed Painting
  • 🖼️ Picture
  • 🖼️ Framed Artwork
  • 🖼️ Picture Within a Wooden Frame
  • 🖼️ Picture Frame
  • 🖼️ Frame With Picture