🥩 Cut of Meat


Red Meat, Beef, Food, Pound of Flesh, Raw Meat, Meaty, Dirty Talk

🥩 Meaning: An irregularly triangular-shaped chunk of meat that is the raw kind of red on the inside with a pinkish outline and a few pink cuts throughout the meaty piece, signifying fat.

The 🥩 Cut of Meat emoji refers to red meat or beef in other words, which is accepted in some cultures and shunned in the others. However, this emoji can also have other interpretations such as a filterless reference to coitus, or even phrases like “pound of flesh”.

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How and When to Use the 🥩 Cut of Meat Emoji

  • Running over the most interesting usage of 🥩 ; “pound of flesh“, you can use this emoji while reposting something that resonates with this phrase (refrain from posting something personal with 🥩 as it might come off in a dismissive tone). For instance, “Women these days have to demand their pound of flesh for basic safety and decency 🥩 .Thank you, patriarchy, you suck”.
  • Now, ‘cut some meat’ also means sex. So, in such intimate conversations, you can use 🥩 while primitively talking about sex, you know, dirty talking, but with emojis.
  • Meat, for a while now, has meant physical bodies too, which again reverts back to the previous point, but in a slightly different context. Just an addition, you can use 🥩 in those contexts as well.
  • The least exciting and least smart usage of 🥩 is to pop it into captions for posts or reposts that are about meat (red meat, to be precise); it can be a meat-based dish, informative content about red meat, etc. (meh)

Other Names

  • 🥩 Red Meat
  • 🥩 Slice of Meat
  • 🥩 Pound of Flesh
  • 🥩 Meaty
  • 🥩 Cut Some Meat
  • 🥩 Pice of Meat
  • 🥩 Beef
  • 🥩 Sliced Beef
  • 🥩 Steak
  • 🥩 Braised Steak