Math Emoji Series

BODMAS Redefined.

Oh, heck yes, we have math emojis! Though they may be few and they may not be all of the mathematical symbols, the following signs cover the basics of math and can be quite helpful in times of need.

➕ The Addition Symbol
Widely known as the ‘plus’ or ‘+’, this one’s the first math emoji on our list! Besides making straightforward calculations, this emoji is helpful even while putting two and two together.

➖ The Subtraction Symbol
Filling in the ‘S’ in ‘BODMAS’, this sign; the minus or ‘-‘ is also translated as the ‘hyphen’ in some cases. Hence, ➖ works as both, a mathematical sign and a mark of punctuation.

✖️ The Multiplication Symbol
A huge ‘X’ could have a lot of interpretations. Apart from meaning multiplication, this sign could also signify “crossing something out” or even classifying something as ‘wrong’ or ‘incorrect’.

Confused as to which is the correct usage? Fret not! There are specific divisions even in emojis! The ❌ Cross Mark and the ❎ Cross Mark Button are for circumstances mentioned in the previous paragraph and ✖️ is purely mathematical.

➗ The Division Symbol
This defined sign with a ➖ and designated spots above and below for the numerator and the denominator solely suggests the function of mathematical division (and metaphorical, if you like).
Nothing ambiguous here, unlike the previous symbol.

♾️ Infinity Symbol
Wait. Wasn’t this like a philosophical symbol? One that described my relationship with my best friend? Or my life partner?

Yes. The infinite loop could take various forms given its base of extensively versatile interpretations. Before drawing conclusions, it’s vital to settle that infinity is a ‘concept’ and not a construed function of mathematics.

That being said, it is important that this emoji takes its place in the list of “Math Emoji Series” because, like everything else in the universe, infinity too is a part of mathematics.