6 Star Emojis Explaining How Same Can Be Different

We’re all the same, yet we’re different. And not very different from the stars.

Stars have been used repeatedly in many contexts by many people. These little (actually, not so little) cosmic members have somehow found a profound sense of meaning and significance in the human world. Each star has its own line of unique interpretations and symbolism.

As an act of bringing those symbolic interpretations online, we have star emojis reflecting these star shapes. This list of emoji stars evokes the same amount of reference and symbolism as the stars used in reality, just on a virtual platform.

Dive in to know how each star is the same as the rest, and different at the same time (speak of relatability).

Star Emoji

⭐ Star Emoji

The reason why ⭐ does not have a specified name such as the ‘Five-Pointed Star Emoji’ is that this one’s the most common of all star designs.

It neither associates with any culture nor does it have religious implications. ⭐ used by teachers is the same as ⭐ used by tattoo artists. But, if the perception of this emoji is that of the ‘pentagram’, then there’s a bucketload of implications!

Glowing Star Emoji

🌟 Glowing Star Emoji

Now, you’d say this emoji is the same as the previous, only with external spokes that animate glowing.

However, it’s essential to notice that 🌟 has blunted intersections. They flow without sharp stops. But that’s not the point here. The idea behind this design is that it evokes a sense of shine, glow, sparkle, and twinkle.

Don’t let anyone dim your shine, honey 🌟

Shooting Star Emoji

🌠 Shooting Star Emoji

This emoji too, involves a five-pointed star, much like the illustration in the previous emoji. But, there’s a diverging stream of starlight lining its course.

Some of us may have been lucky to witness a shooting star, some may have got tattoos of it, and some hardly believe something like this exists due to lack of experience. None of us are wrong in our perspectives.

But we’re wrong with facts. 🌠 is not a star, to begin with, and it’s not always shooting. These flaming meteoroids, which can also cause meteor showers, are known as ‘falling stars’ as well.

Star Of David Emoji

✴️ Star of David Emoji

And, lo! We have the Star of David. This one’s not only the star that guided the wise men to the stable on Christmas Eve, it’s also the Star of Judaism.

However, much before ✡️ was associated with the Jews, this symbol was used in other religions such as Christianity and Islam, as a symbol of mysticism.

Dotted Six Pointed Star Emoji

🔯 Dotted Six-Pointed Star Emoji

Very similar to the Star of David, this star design has an additional dot at the center. So, does that make it the Star of David but with a dot? Um. No.

On the far contrary, 🔯 is a symbol of Hinduism. Apart from suggesting hints at rangoli; the Indian art form, this symbol is known as the Shatkona; the merge of the masculine and the feminine.

Eight Pointed Star Emoji

✴️ Eight-Pointed Star Emoji

To be honest, none of the real stars have points. We learn what we see, and because we see these massive stars as dots, we assume them to have or even be points.

But, that’d never undo years and generations of cultural and traditional significance attached to these stars. ✴️ is one of the symbols used in certain religions. The number of spokes also holds great importance.

Stars don’t always have just the cosmic inclination. They are modern and ancient symbols of religion, philosophy, and culture in the human world. It’s interesting because these extra-terrestrial aspects that we hardly identify with have become the very foundation for so many of our present beliefs.

Maybe we’re not very different from what’s out there. Maybe we’re all just the same.