➗ Divide


Division, Separation, Split, Fraction, Partition, Mathematics, Teamwork, Equality

Meaning: A ➖ Minus coupled with a pair of dots above and below this minus bar. The ➗ Divide emoji represents the division function in the world of BODMAS. This emoji signifies dividing something, splitting up, or even separating two or more things.

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How and When to Use the ➗ Divide Emoji

  • If you’re referring to the efficiency of ‘divided’ work or responsibility; essentially, teamwork and equal input, you could bring in the ➗. For instance, “Two are always stronger than one ➗” or “It’s alright. You’re not entitled to do all the work! Share the load ➗”.
  • While talking about ‘division’ from a political and metaphorical perspective, you can use ➗. For example, “I honestly hate anything that divides people ➗” or “We’ve created so many divisions that nothing feels like one”.
  • From a mathematical POV, ➗ would suggest reduction by means of dividing a given value, which means, half the value (or how many ever times). Like, “Lack of communication just blows down a relationship ➗” or “You only understand the value when it lessens ➗”.
  • Generally, ➗ is easily understood as related to mathematics than the other symbols; ➕ Plus, ➖ Minus, and ✖️ Multiply, as these three are ambiguous in meaning and interpretation.
  • ➗ also represents a fraction; a pair of a numerator and a denominator, a dividend; therefore monetary interest, and the like.

Other Names

  • ➗ Divide Sign
  • ➗ Division Symbol
  • ➗ Heavy Division
  • ➗ Dividing
  • ➗ Splitting
  • ➗ Partitioning
  • ➗ Fraction
  • ➗ Numerator and Denominator