➕ Plus


Addition, Add, Test Positive, Bulk, Togetherness, Unity, Sum Total, Final Outcome

Meaning: A dark-grey plus (+) sign that varies in texture and shade on different platforms. The ➕ Plus emoji signifies addition. It could also suggest being ‘positive’ or ‘positively tested’ for something. This emoji symbolizes the sum, the total, and the bulk amount of any given thing.

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How and When to Use the ➕ Plus Emoji

  • While texting someone about something or sharing a post caption that has an ‘and’ or an ‘an addition to’, you could use ➕ as the replacement. For instance, “Self-love is not “only me”, it’s “me too” ➕” or “Could you please bring me soup some nachos”.
  • “The sum” of anything could also suggest the final outcome. If you’re referring to this in any context, you may use ➕. Like, “Ten months of absolute dedication, and here we are ➕”.
  • As mentioned in the previous section, ➕ could be a useful emoji in the context of health and medicine. For example, “The reports did come in positive ➕” or “We’re pregnant!!! ➕”.
  • Also, the action of ‘adding’ something indicates the pre-existence of the very thing. In other words, you’re just adding to something that’s already there; be it an ‘add-on’, a ‘plus 1’, a third-wheel, etc.
  • Hence, ➕ could symbolize the notion of ‘bringing something new to the table’ – which suggests that this emoji would be a cute one in terms of employment; while sending casual resumes.

Other Names

  • ➕ Addition Symbol
  • ➕ Plus Sign
  • ➕ Add
  • ➕ The Sum
  • ➕ Sum Total
  • ➕ Bulk
  • Positive
  • ➕ Heavy Plus Sign
  • ➕ Plus Symbol