✖️ Multiply


Multiplication, Increase, Reproduction, Multiple, Combine, Many, Exponential Increment

✖️ Meaning: A deep-grey ‘X’ mark, sometimes a little lighter but always shown without a background of any sort. The ✖️ Multiply emoji represents multiplication as the symbol indicates. Apart from signifying math, this emoji also suggests doubling or any kind of exponential increase.

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How and When to Use the ✖️ Multiply Emoji

  • To multiply simply means to increase. Hence, if your post caption, social media story, or even an optimistic textual response has the action of multiplying in a metaphorical or literal sense, you can use ✖️.
  • A few instances for the previous point – “Practice multiplies talent ✖️”, “I really hope your entrepreneurship multiplies like nobody’s business! ✖️ Pardon the pun” or “Always multiply those feel-good thoughts ✖️”.
  • You could also use ✖️ to indicate that two or more parties are coming together to create something new (basically, mentioning the creators on either side of ✖️). Much like reproduction, minus the coitus part. For example, “Windows ✖️ Apple Series”.
  • Essentially, ✖️ could symbolize the by-product or the new product of a previous permutation or combination. Like, “After years of hard work, my husband and I finally have our own full-fledged project ✖️”.
  • Also, ✖️ could represent anything that’s multiple; multivitamins, multiverse, multimedia, multicolor, etc.

Other Names

  • ✖️ Multiplication
  • ✖️ Multiple
  • ✖️ Multiply Symbol
  • ✖️ Grey X
  • ✖️ Heavy Multiplication X
  • ✖️ Increase/Increment
  • ✖️ Multiply
  • ✖️ Reproduction