➖ Minus


Subtract, Remove, Deduct, Negative Symbol, Lack, Decrease, Hyphen, Stagnation

Meaning: A thick and short horizontal bar shown with varying shades of grey. The ➖ Minus emoji symbolizes subtraction in the mathematical world and otherwise. It suggests direct decrease, removal, and a sense of lack, which is either voluntary or not.

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How and When to Use the ➖ Minus Emoji

  • Since ➖ indicates a ‘removal’, you could use this emoji in your good-vibes post captions or even in text messages. For example, “Happiness equals reality expectations” or “Be merciless and remove all those negative people from your life ➖”.
  • If you’re referring to a ‘deduction’ or a ‘reduction’/decrease in any context, ➖ may be useful. For instance, “The closer I get to my realization, the lesser friends I have And it’s never felt better”.
  • You could also use ➖ to suggest a horizontal way of living or one that’s mundane and stagnant. Like, “Life’s good, man. Nothing new ➖” or “I feel I’ve just reached a point of stagnation ➖”.
  • ➖ can be applied as a hyphen as well; a stretched, decorative hyphen. This works even as precedence, for links, quotes, etc. – “Link to my latest playlists (the link)“.

Other Names

  • ➖ Subtraction
  • ➖ Subtract
  • ➖ Hyphen
  • ➖ Heavy Subtraction Sign
  • ➖ Minus Symbol/Sign
  • ➖ Heavy Minus Sign
  • ➖ Negative