♾️ Infinity


Constant, Continuous, Indefinite, Limitless, Endless, Vast, Immense, Large, Ever Expanding

♾️ Meaning: A dark grey infinity symbol composing of a pair of loops or circles intersecting at the center to form a continuous loop. The ♾️ Infinity emoji signifies indefinite nature; something that’s endless, constant, continuous, and ever-expanding.

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How and When to Use the ♾️ Infinity Emoji

  • If you’re talking about ‘forever’ in any context, do welcome ♾️. For example, “Forever is a lie ♾️” (the cliched post caption), “I want to be with you forever ♾️” (the cliched promise), or “Let’s become ghosts and haunt all our haters forever ♾️” (now, that’s love).
  • Similarly, ♾️ fits perfectly into the framework of ‘eternity’. For instance, “You are an eternal source of knowledge and light ♾️” or “All eternity is in the moment ♾️”.
  • You could also use ♾️ while referring to something that’s ever-expanding or continuous by nature. Like, “You are my expanding universe ♾️” or “Life is a continuous learning experience ♾️”.
  • Speaking of which, ♾️ is pretty much the aptest emoji for the ‘universe’. Hence, any scenario that involves the universe in any form, shape, or size could use this emoji – “You are the universe in ecstatic motion ♾️”.
  • More than any other emoji on the list, ♾️ ranks highest for it’s spiritual and philosophical weightage. For instance, “We belong together. No matter how much you ignore the fact, we’re all one spirit ♾️”.

Other Names

  • ♾️ Infinite
  • ♾️ Infinity Symbol
  • ♾️ Never-Ending
  • ♾️ Indefinite
  • ♾️ Permanent Paper Sign
  • ♾️ Vastness
  • ♾️ Immensity
  • ♾️ Continuous
  • ♾️ Constant