7 Emojis About Japanese Geography, Architecture & Landscapes

The Basic Where, What, How, and Why of Japanese Geography

Emojis are not just entertaining, they can be educational too. From flag emojis to emojis reflecting the geographical landscapes of a place, technology has indeed come a long way with its precise representations.

So, here are seven emojis referring to the landscapes, architecture, and geography of Japan.

Map Of Japan Emoji

🗾 Map of Japan Emoji

Japan is a slim island country. It is described by 🗾 and this is the only emoji that refers to the map of a specific country. For the rest of the world, thankfully we have the 🗺 World Map.

Japan Emoji

🇯🇵 Flag: Japan Emoji

Japan has rather a simple flag, with just a plain white background and a large red dot at the center. What’s the red dot for, though? It symbolizes the sun.

🇯🇵 is also known as ‘Hinomaru’ in Japanese, translating to the “Circle of the Sun”. The design of this flag seems to have been replicated in the 🎌 Crossed Flags emoji. However, the two hold no similarities in significance.

Mount Fuji Emoji

🗻 Mount Fuji Emoji

🗻 is not your ordinary mountain that’s fancily cut short as mount. This one is the mighty Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan.

It is a volcano too, the second-highest of its kind in Asia. 🗻 is one of is the most prominent cultural symbols of Japan.

Tokyo Tower Emoji

🗼 Tokyo Tower Emoji

No, it’s not a candy-cane-themed Eiffel Tower, nor a rocket preparing for launch. 🗼 is the Japanese “Tokyo Tower” situated in a district called Minato in Tokyo. Being the second tallest structure on the island 🗼 is indeed a popular attraction.

shinto shrine 26e9 3

⛩️ Shinto Shrine Emoji

Shinto shrines are Japanese places of worship, apart from Buddhist religious establishments in the country. They house the sacred kami; a holy spirit. So, ⛩️ would not only fall into religion as a category, but it is another significant icon relating to Japan as well.

Japanese Castle Emoji

🏯 Japanese Castle Emoji

🏯 not only suggests architectural beauty, intricacy and unique technique, but it is also a digital mark of Japanese history and heritage.

Japanese Post Office Emoji

🏣 Japanese Post Office Emoji

The Japanese Post Office 🏣 greatly varies from the English Post Office 🏤. One with the structure of course, but most importantly with the postal mark. Nonetheless, each country has its own style.

The postal mark seen in 🏣 is a character (yūbin), while the mark visible in 🏤 is a post horn; an instrument used to alert a crowd before delivering the message (post) during the ancient times.

Every country is rich with it’s own resources, and the aim is to equally love, respect and appreciate each country for its uniqueness. And we hope, these seven emojis helped extend your existing knowledge just a little bit, about the geographical aspects of Japan.

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