🗼 Tokyo Tower


Japan Radio Tower, Japan Architecture, Tall Stature, Dominating, Intimidating

🗼 Meaning: A metal tower with a bright red body a solid square structure in the upper narrowing half, followed by a couple of ring-like structures and finally ending in a pinnacle with a red and white striped top.

The 🗼 Tokyo Tower emoji is a representation of the second tallest construction in Japan. Replicating the Eiffel tower to a certain extent, this emoji can signify the Japanese architectural feat, tourism in Japan, and a former broadcasting mode across various platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🗼 Tokyo Tower Emoji

  • A tower refers to anything that’s tall, you could use 🗼 to suggest someone who’s mighty tall. For instance, “Dude. The date went AMAZING. He’s a frikking tower! 🗼 How tall could he possibly be!”.
  • If someone or something was ‘towering’ over you, then too, you could use 🗼 to narrate the incident. “I feel so tiny in this new city. EVERYTHING SEEMS SO TOWERING 🗼”.
  • Speaking of ‘towering’, 🗼 can also have its own flavor in the sexting framework (no puns intended, please). This framework is easier to understand if you’ve read E.L.James.
  • Bringing back the first point – since ‘tower’ describes the stature of something, you can use 🗼 while posting or reposting pictures and/or videos of stacked burgers, a tower of candy, a tower of waffles, anything along these lines too.
  • You can use 🗼 to refer to someone or something that’s dominating and/or intimidating too. For example, “She is tiny, alright. But she can be towering in her own ways🗼”.

Other Names

  • 🗼 Pillar
  • 🗼 Obelisk
  • 🗼 Japan’s Version of the Eiffel Tower
  • 🗼 Steeple
  • 🗼 Spire
  • 🗼 Tokyo Tawa
  • 🗼 Japan Radio Tower
  • 🗼 Nippon Denpato