🎌 Crossed Flags


Japanese Flags, Crossed, Halfway Point, Halfway, Racing, Competition

🎌 Meaning: A pair of Japanese flags, crossed with each other forming an ‘X’ kind of a symbol. The 🎌 Crossed Flags emoji could indicate that a given racing event is half-way through. However, this emoji may also be used as a synecdoche for a race or competition.

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How and When to Use the 🎌 Crossed Flags Emoji

  • While sharing info on racing events, 🎌 would come in handy. This can be a motor car racing event, a bike racing event, a competition, or any virtual means of competing as well.
  • If you’re giving live updates about a racing event that has now completed half its course, use 🎌. Similarly, this emoji can be generalized to anything that’s “half-way there”.
  • Some instances supporting the second use-case are – “I’ll meet you half-way 🎌”, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there 🎌”, or “Halfway isn’t all the way but it’s far better than no way! 🎌”.
  • Since 🎌 is a pair of Japanese flags, you could use this emoji as a general element in Japan-related contexts.

Other Names

  • 🎌 A Pair of Japanese Flags
  • 🎌 Crossed Japanese Flags
  • 🎌 Racing Flags
  • 🎌 Halfway Point
  • 🎌 Two Flags
  • 🎌 Two Crossed Flags