😭 Loudly Crying Face Emoji Guide

It’s time to Cry Out Loud, but, in the right way 😭

Sadness, our old friend, welcome.

Sadness is inherent to us. It’s so close to our psychological experience both as a species of the earth and as humans, that when we think of sadness, we think in terms of pain, grief, loss, mourning, death, and numbness. No wonder it’s inherent.

We cry. A lot, when we’re sad. Face-aching, eye-swelling tears, and a messy facial situation. But, we don’t always cry aloud, and that’s what’s so wonderful about tears and crying. It’s always proportionate to the emotion and it’s measure.

The 😭 loudly crying face emoji is definitively a response to something that’s heartbreaking, heartwrenching, and incredibly painful in every way possible. Because, if we were to cry loudly in real life, there better be a worthy reason and a worthy necessity to break the barriers of social awkwardness and to lose ourselves to our emotions, not to mention, loudly. But, things are not always as they seem in reality, here, online. Emotional responses are a little different here. Actually, very different.

Here’s our dig at virtually crying aloud, what the emoji means, what it indicates when someone sends it and how you can use this emoji in the right way, in accordance with the norms of emotional responses in the digital realm.

Loudly Crying Face Emoji

Meaning of 😭

The 😭 loudly crying face emoji is evidently a face that’s uncontrollably crying, to the extent of even creating a puddle of its own tears. But, 😭 is not always a sign of sadness.

😭 signifies a heartfelt response to anything that’s too much to contain. It could be too much happiness, too much cuteness, too much thoughtfulness, too much sweetness, too much of anything!

The ‘crying’ in this emoji is a teary or rather an overflowingly teary reaction to anything that’s heart-touching. It is also a sad emoji that responds to sadness in a dramatic and clearly exaggerated manner.

Is 😭 a Sad Emoji?

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Each emoji has its own source of inspiration, most of which comes from cartoons and other forms of animation. If you’re a cartoon fan, you would’ve witnessed some characters crying a river for different reasons. The tears leave their eyes and create a puddle or a stream made of themselves. The essence of the tears is irrationally captured with the intent of humor and light-heartedness.

That very same notion applies in 😭 as well.

This exaggerated and comical picture in this emoji reduces its impact as a sad emoji but makes it more of an extra emoji or an overly dramatic emoji especially when applied in a sad situation. So, 😭 is not a sad emoji that’s responding to real sadness, grief, or even emotional depression but to sadness that’s bearable and can easily be dusted off as nothing. It’s a momentary response to unfavourability than to sadness, as we know it.

Bottom line, no, 😭 is not a sad emoji. Though it’s crying.

What Emotion(s) Does 😭 Imply?

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Tears are our body’s way of maintaining physiological decorum. Though we aren’t doing anything voluntarily to save a heightened emotional situation, our bodies are always out to the rescue. Sometimes, heroes just exist within all of us. Capes don’t matter.

Tears help neutralize any emotion that pars limit, thus safeguarding the body from adverse consequences. In any emotional scenario, it’s always recommended to cry, because it refuels the body and the mind to face the next task. Hydrate, dehydrate, hydrate again.

However, there are some emotions that are primarily teary like sadness. But almost every emotion, when intensified, ends in tears – anger, sadness, fear, disgust, happiness, love, surprise, pride, etc. Think about a time when any of these emotions were at their peak. You must’ve cried. It’s a natural and beneficial response to enhanced emotional experience.

So, in truth, 😭 implies all emotions that are at an intense stage. Which explains why this emoji is used in contexts that are sometimes, hardly sad, but wholesome and heartwarming.

Is 😭 a Laughing Emoji?

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By all means. 😭 is a reaction to a heightened emotional stimulus, and that includes hilarity as well.

When we surpass the laughter expressed by the 😂 tears of joy and 🤣 rolling on the floor emojis, 😭 could be the next one to salvage the situation. Laughing tears, in other words. It’s when the joke is so funny, it physically aches and makes you want to cry with laughter. Or laugh with tears of joy.

As borderline uncomfortable as it is, 😭 does qualify as a laughing emoji and is also widely used as such, online. More often than not, it is even teamed with either of the laughing emojis – 😂 and 🤣. This ensures maximum communication of the “laughing state” the person is in at that moment.

Should You Use 😭 to Show Sadness?

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😭 evokes a dramatic emotional response. The loudly crying face is an emotional response that’s made to be blown out of proportion. It’s made to be extra. Though that is the case, 😭 is not recommended to show extra sadness or intense grief. The reason lies in emotional integrity.

Sadness is a delicate emotion. It’s comparatively vulnerable than the other emotions. Sure, fear, disgust, and a couple of emotions too are delicate, but anyone who’s experienced sadness will agree to the fact that this emotion can be life-altering (even if temporarily) in the not-so-pretty ways too.

So, when you’re responding to something that’s backed by a sensitive emotion as genuine sadness, it’s best to leave emojis alone, especially an overshooting emoji like the 😭 loudly crying face. The downside of using this hyperbolic pictograph in a fragile and sad situation is merely downsizing the emotional turmoil of the context and caricaturing your response to it. Which is pretty much the last thing you should be doing.

On the whole, we advise against using 😭 to show or respond to sadness that can arise from unfortunate events such as death, loss, or illness.

How to Use 😭 Correctly?

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The right way to use this emoji is to back the loudly crying face with a light-hearted emotion.

We established the correct interpretation of 😭, so here’s the correct way to use this emoji. Before that, we’d like to highlight that the 😭 loudly crying face emoji is an ambiguous emoji, so precise use is recommended.

The following ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ divisions correspond to the emotions that cause the need to use the 😭 emoji.

Positive Use-Cases

If you’re responding to something that warmed your heart, made you feel deeply and positively for or about something, then you can respond with 😭.

  • OMG. I’ve never seen something so selfless in a very VERY long time 😭
  • That’s the best thing I’ve seen all week, man 😭😭 NGL

If you found something ridiculously hilarious, you can accompany the usual laughing emojis with 😭.

  • Dude WTF was that!! Oh my goodness 🤣😭🤣😭
  • I literally can’t 😂😭😂

You could also use 😭 while responding to something funny, but for reasons other than pure hilarity like irrationality, illogicality, etc.

  • That’s so rubbish that its achingly funny 😭😭
  • Is this for real?? I definitely CANNOT believe it 😭😭

If you’re replying to something that’s unimaginably cute, adorable, sweet, thoughtful, and wholesome in any way, then too, you can apply 😭.

  • STOP! This is waaay too much cuteness for me to handle in a single day 😭😭😭
  • Oh my gosh, girl. Marry him already 😭😭

Negative Use-Cases

If you’re texting someone about something that you’re afraid of, nervous, or worried about, but all in a light and casual sense, then you can use 😭.

  • I think I stepped on a bug 😭😭
  • I don’t think I can act normally with her around 😭
  • It’s a big project, man. Hell, yes, I’m worried 😭

You can insert 😭 in contexts of misfortune as well. But again, a misfortune that’s negligible.

  • I missed my train 😭
  • I’m afraid you cannot undo that 😭
  • Unfortunately, he doesn’t get sarcasm 😭

If you’re referring to something that you dislike/hate on a “friendly” level (yes, ironic), then you use 😭.

  • But I hate bugs! 😭

You may also use 😭 while talking about benign stress. Stress that’s not life-threatening, causal of burnout, or anything to an extreme.

  • I’m stressed, mate 😭
  • Have you ever been stressed about something you always knew would only bring you more stress? 😭

The In-Between Use-Case

This section is dedicated to the use-case that’s neither positive nor negative, it’s just weirdly there, in-between the two. The focus is sarcasm, indeed. 😭 works quite brilliantly in such contexts.

  • Geez, I could’ve never guessed that in a million years 😭
  • Looks like he got what he signed up for 😭
  • Wow. How soothing 😭

What Does it Mean When Someone Sends 😭?

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Very often the reason why someone would pop the 😭 emoji into a conversation or bring something new to it with this emoji is to convey that the subject of the context deeply means something to them. It’s thankfully rare that someone would use 😭 to express actual sadness or any other painful emotion. Reasons? Scroll back up!

Momentary Overwhelmingness

As said before, 😭 is generally the emoji a user would turn to when they cannot contain a particular emotion or emotional response. So, when someone sends 😭 along with a message or responds to something you said with this emoji, it means that they find the situation overwhelming. In a good way.

Some instances are:

  • OMG that’s the sweetest thing ever 😭
  • They look so cute together 😭
  • I really liked that evening 😭

Crying Over Spilled Milk

A person would also use 😭 to comically cry about something that didn’t go their way or didn’t work out the way they would have imagined. Like, “No, dude. We didn’t catch up 😭😭 I really wanted to, tho” or “They left me all alone in the house 😭”. Now, the latter text message could be a sarcastic starter to the fact that the person actually loves to stay home alone. The reasons for 😭 totally depend on the context.

If someone’s messaging about missing something or if they’re talking about something in the past that’s evidently no more, then too, they may use 😭. Like, “I miss your long hair 😭” or “I loved that playing arena! 😭”.

When It’s Something But Not Everything

In any case, a person would use 😭 in a conversation to show that something means a lot to them, but again, in ways that aren’t emotionally or physically menacing. It would be very uncomfortable to find a message like “Dude my family died in a car crash 😭” as opposed to “I heard his cat died 😭”. Something that’s impersonal, yet sad is a better use-case for 😭 and not something that’s strictly up and personal. This factors in that emotional impersonality. It means something, but not everything.

Related Emojis

marcel strauss Ou4mOgFigAs unsplash

Sadness has a colorful range of emotional responses. Like every emotion, sadness or grief is not something that’s constant for every scenario. It changes with the amount of power the subject of the situation has/had over the person. It’s not always a scene that calls for loud crying.

Here are a couple of sad and crying emojis that will help convey different emotional responses to different kinds of sorrow, virtually.

🤧 Sneezing Face Emoji

This emoji is an aftermath of the current 😭 loudly crying face emoji. It’s the mucousy mess after and/or during a good and loud cry. This emoji can be used as a funny-sad emoji, the kind that responds to something that’s sad, but trivial at the same time. Like, “I suppose we predicted him to turn out the way he did, then 🤧”.

😢 Crying Face Emoji

We believe this emoji to be the most genuine of all sad emojis. The crying face shows a fairly measured amount of emotion to anything that’s sad, both personally and otherwise. It’s neither too bland nor too dramatic like the 😭 loudly crying face. So, if you were to respond to or communicate about something that’s sad at any level, we recommend this emoji.

😿 Crying Cat Emoji

This one’s the cat version of the previous emoji. It’s a cat letting you know that it’s sad or just low about something. 😿 is either an emoji that talks about emotions in animals, illustrates a cat showing emotion, or it’s a manner of speaking like or through an animal, which in this case, is a cat.

😩 Weary Face Emoji

We’ve all felt the kind of “sadness” that makes us want to squeeze our face into the OG “crying face”. It’s the expression we have towards something that’s exhausting, boring, or marginally sad.

It’s not a crying emoji, but a sad emoji that expresses sadness on a very personal but highly bearable level. It’s often the case that the person having this face would, in fact, do everything he/she is currently whining about or just making a face about.

🥲 Smiling Face With Tear Emoji

We’d like to end the list with a rather positive note; the note of pain. The 🥲 smiling face with tears emoji is not a crying emoji, but a teary emoji. Here, the tear has an entirely different significance. It’s more of a humorous response to something that’s painful, sad, or painfully sad. For example, “Yes, but I cannot leave without completing my term, right? 🥲”

In Conclusion

The 😭 loudly crying face emoji is a crying emoji, but an exaggerated one. It’s also an exaggerated sad emoji. This emoji conveys emotion in the most dramatic of ways and is hence best used for emotions other than real sadness. It’s the perfect emoji for situations that are unfortunate but unimpactful as well.

😭 is the emoji that would ideally fit into a social scenario that calls for an amplified response towards something that’s otherwise insignificant both to the sender and the receiver. This emoji tends to humorize difficult times and trivialize sad times. Therefore, it’s to be used with care and intention.