Tag: Hand Fingers Partial

🤌 Pinched Fingers

WTF, What Do You Want, Hungry?, Are You Kidding?, Silly, Stupidity, Disbelief, Back and Forth, Mother-Child Love

✌️ Victory Hand

Victory, Success, Achievement, Peace, Peace Out, Relax, Peace Sign, Chill, Win

🤞 Crossed Fingers

Hope, Luck, Good Luck, Positivity, Desirable Outcome, Optimism, Fingers Crossed!

🤟 Love You Gesture

Love, I Love You, ILY, Happiness, Warmth, Affection, Purity, Kindness, I Love You Hand Sign

🤘 Sign of the Horns

Yo, Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Death Metal, Music, Classic Rock, Positivity, Good Vibes, Excitement, Confidence

🤙 Call Me Hand

Call Me, Shaka, Keep it Real, Positive, Good Vibes, Chill, See Ya, Greeting, Flirting