🇲🇭 Flag: Marshall Islands


Republic of the Marshall Islands, Equator, Pacific Ocean, Associated State, US, Marshallese, Majuro

🇲🇭 Meaning: A rectangular navy blue flag with a thick stripe of orange and white taperingly flowing from the top-right corner to the tip of the bottom-left.

A white depiction of the sun with a small disc, thin rays surrounding it, and a long line pointing in all four directions adorns the top-left corner of the flag.

The 🇲🇭 Flag: Marshall Islands refers to the island country of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, informally known just the Marshall Islands. A minor partner of the US, these islands are found in the Pacific.

It is shown as ‘MH’ on some platforms.

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Other Names

  • 🇲🇭 Flag of the Marshall Islands
  • 🇲🇭 Flag of the Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • 🇲🇭 Marshallese Flag
  • 🇲🇭 Country Code – MH