🇭🇲 Flag: Heard & McDonald Islands


Australia, External Territory, Antarctic, Volcanic Group, Unpopulated, Indian Ocean, Barren Islands

🇭🇲 Meaning: The blue ensign printed on a rectangular flag that’s further characterized by six seven-pointed stars sprinkled throughout the flag, with the biggest one being right below the ensign.

The 🇭🇲 Flag: Heard & McDonald Islands emoji represents the Territory of the Heard & McDonald Islands; a group of volcanic islands in the Antarctic, defined as an external territory belonging to Australia.

This emoji is shown as ‘HM’ on some platforms.

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Other Names

  • 🇭🇲 Heard & McDonald Islands Flag
  • 🇭🇲 Flag of the Territory of the Heard & McDonald Islands
  • 🇭🇲 Territorial Code – HM