9 Sun Emojis For a Sunny Day

Because there ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.

Yes, we made the sun a female. It’s life-giving after all.

The sun is a star in our galaxy and the star of our solar system. It’s the powerhouse that fuels all life on planet earth. Without the sun, we’d be pretty miserable. As good as dead. The sun’s immense amount of value, resourcefulness, and significance inspires a lot that goes on in our lives and on the earth, apart from the basic route of survival.

Here are all the sun emojis you could use while referring to the sun, the inspiration via metaphors, philosophy or lessons it provides, the life it offers, and its overall existence in any shape or form.

Sun Emoji

☀️ Sun Emoji

First up is the iconic “shape of the sun”. We’ve all sketched this little icon ☀️ at least once in our lives. It’s the main element that held the scenery together!

The earthly way of looking at the sun is through sun-colored glasses, because the sun, in reality, is not yellow at all! It’s white. We see a yellow sun due to the earth’s atmospheric color dispersion.

Plus, the sun’s rays are basically radiation released from this star. That is why, too much of the sun’s rays or sunshine could be harmful, or worse, cancerous.

Sun With Face Emoji

🌞 Sun With a Face Emoji

The sun all by itself can get boring if you’re one with an eye for the arts. In such cases, there’s a sun with a face! As horrendous as it is, 🌞 is actually a comical “filter” given to this star. It’s now, the star of the show!

However, with a little observation, we drew up a similarity between 🌞 and the occult. If you’re into horror or the supernatural, you may have noticed that the infamous Ouija/Ouiji board has a smiling sun on one of the corners while horizontally facing a 🌛 Smiling Crescent Moon. Creepy, but this is just an assumption over obvious pictures of this so-called board game.

Sunrise Emoji

🌅 Sunrise

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it could be a new life, and it’s possible that you’re feeling good.

The rising of the sun has a lot of positive imagery associated with it. This part of the earth’s daily cycle is a metaphor for a new day, as the song says, new opportunities or even a better day than the last. But, on an objective note, the sun’s just existing. It’s not even the sun’s job to rise. It’s the earth that’s set in such a motion to keep life alive on the planet.

Here’s a snippet to explain how much the sun influences us.

Since the sun rises in the east, this direction is believed to attract and emit higher frequencies or vibrations/vibes. Popular architectural sciences or pseudosciences like Vastu and Feng Shui, and many spiritual paths preach and practice the importance of this direction. They inculcate the same in followers too.

If you don’t prefer a beach view of the sunrise, then there’s the 🌄 Sunrise Over the Mountains emoji.

Desert Emoji

🏜️ Desert

This isn’t a ‘sun emoji’ per se, but it a depiction of the desert, where the sun is boss.

The desert is the hottest place in the world, not because the sun shines the brightest in these areas, but because of a mere lack of water and rains.

All the light and heat absorbed by the desert soil has nothing to cool it down. If you’re not referring to the desert, 🏜️ could just be used to represent anything arid, dry, and humid to the maximum.

Sunset Emoji

🌇 Sunset Emoji

The 🌇 sunset emoji unlike the sunrise emoji(s) is one single symbol. However, it’s the industrial sunset view. Lots of buildings and skyscrapers in the picture make this emoji an urban sunset.

🌇 can be used while referring to the sunset, the evening, the golden hours (which is also applicable to the 🌅 sunrise emoji), or even the western direction.

Sun Behind Cloud Emoji

⛅ Sun Behind Cloud Emoji

Now here’s something that’s pleasant. Equal sun and equal clouds. ⛅ represents a sunny day, the kind that paints the picture of a soothing Sunday afternoon. But nothing is rosy when it comes to the sun. Of course, the climate shifts!

Sun Behind Large Cloud Emoji

🌥️ Sun Behind Large Cloud Emoji

A sun peeking from the corner of a large fluff of a cloud suggests that there is sunshine but not the usual amount. It’s a cloudy day with a little sun and a lot of gloom. Given that the clouds are eating up the sun here, 🌥️ also indicates shady weather.

Sun Behind Small Cloud Emoji

🌤️ Sun Behind Small Clouds Emoji

This one’s for the clear blue skies with minimal clouds and a wholesome and abundant dose of vitamin D. 🌤️ also symbolizes hot summers, but the ones that are borderline bearable. It just takes one cloud out of the scene to make it unbearable.

Sun Behind Rain Cloud Emoji

🌦️ Sun Behind Rain Cloud Emoji

🌦️ gives us hope for a 🌈 Rainbow. A little sunshine, a little cloud, and a little rain. The perfect combination for some magic in the skies. If you’re trying to describe complicated weather, then 🌦️ would be the perfect emoji. It also means that part of the day would be sunny while the rest of the day may or may not rain.

The next time you want to talk about the sun, personify some of its qualities as your own or that of someone else’s, or if you wish to update on the weather, we hope these sun emojis come in handy.