8 Light Emojis That Can’t Be Dimmed No Matter What

Don’t let anyone dim yours either.

Light. The one thing nothing can ever exist without. It’s one of the biggest essentials of the modern world. Yes, there parts of the earth where electricity is a stranger, but that’s not the focus of this post. It’s light, in all its forms. We could go by a few days without food or water, but imagine all those days in darkness. Madness.

Light, in both its natural and artificial form, aids our everyday functioning. So, if you’re referring to this light via symbols or emojis, in any context, here are all the “light emojis” you could use. And trust us, they’re not heavy at all. Unlike the darkness that would engulf us without them.

Sun Emoji

☀️ Sunlight

The first emoji is our biggest source of natural light. The inspiration for all the artificial light we’ve created and discovered.

The ☀️ Sun is what keeps every atom of existence on 🌏 planet earth alive. Without this gal, we can survive, but barely. Because, it’s not just the brightness of the sun, the visibility it provides, or even the beauty of sun-kissed moments we’re talking about. It’s everything. The air we breathe, the warmth that fuels us, and even the food we eat. It all comes from the sun.

And then we question if we’re a part of the cosmos.

Here are a few more “sun emojis” that you could use to spread this sunshine, virtually – 🌅 Sunrise, 🌄 Sunrise Over the Mountains, and 🌞 Sun With a Face.

Full Moon Emoji

🌕 Moonlight

We have the moon, so why’s the sun SO important?! Hypothetically, we can survive without the sun.

This is why education is so important!

The moon gets its light from the sun. So, no sunlight means no moonlight. In fact, a sunless situation would keep us from seeing the moon because the very reason why we can see it in the first place is due to the moon’s emission of all the light absorbed from the sun during the day. Yes, the moon and the stars are all in the sky even in the day. The sunlight just whitewashes them.

However, moonlight is not as consistent as sunlight. Of course, the sun would temporarily disappear on a cloudy day. Otherwise, it’s always there. This is because of the phases of the moon. So, based on the phase, 🌕 gets bright, brighter, brightest, or invisible.

Fire Emoji

🔥 Fire

This is, hands down, one of our biggest, best, and most important discovery of all time.

Without 🔥 we wouldn’t know cooking, how to keep ourselves warm, and basically just survive. Modern humans would’ve figured this out! Yes, but we wouldn’t have made it to the modern age if the human clan that did discovery fire, simply didn’t. After the sun, 🔥 is our main source of light and warmth.

Candle Emoji

🕯️ Candle Light

The candle has sparked so much inspiration and motivation through quotes in the past and the present that 🕯️ is more of a symbol for individuality than anything else. But, let’s focus on its basic purpose here.

Candles are said to be a Roman invention that sprang to life in 500 BCE. However, there are studies claiming the Egyptians as pioneers in the candle-making business. These guys are believed to have created the first wax candles around 7000 years ago. Which is roughly the 3rd millennium. Now, that’s way back.

These facts and figures are subject to speculation, debates, and questions, but all that? It gave us candles. It gave us these wonderful, easy, and affordable ways of keeping warm and staying lit today. So, grateful.

Diya Lamp Emoji

🪔 Diya

Apart from being a popular South Asian name, diya is essentially an oil-filled mud or clay lamp. It starts with the size of an enclosed palm and can enlarge to two palms held together.

Diyas offer a welcoming sight in many South Asian countries like India especially during the festival of light(s), Diwali. 🪔 is also a part of regular devotion, puja, and evening routines in some households.

There are many beliefs associated with 🪔. Some believe it to bring that much prosperity and good luck as much as it burns. Some find it unlucky if the light goes off too quickly. However, the universal significance of 🪔 in the countries that use them is the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

Red Paper Lantern Emoji

🏮 Lanterns

Though 🏮 is a Japanese red paper lantern, we’d like to generalize this emoji to any lantern, precisely the ones that were used before the bulb changed the scene.

Lanterns, oil lamps, or oil lanterns were some of the best handy light options in the 1860s. Invented in 1862, oil lanterns became the language of the night back then, because now it was easier to have light wherever and whenever you needed it without extinguishment or lavish expenditure. Except for oil charges.

Light Bulb Emoji

💡 Light Bulb

Fast-forwarding all the previous emojis that symbolized ancient modes of light and warmth to 1879. The year that changed humankind forever. The light bulb was invented and it was just the beginning of the insane varieties of light that would follow in the coming years. However, all drawing light from the same source.

Flashlight Emoji

🔦 Flashlight

The lightbulb, as we know, is a stationary mode of light. It’s impossible to carry it around unless you’re carrying the entire electrical system that comes with it.

So, there was the necessity for portable light. Lamps were there, but it was a lot of work with the oil and stuff. People make did with whatever was available until 1899. Voila! The flashlight was invented exactly two decades after 💡, and it began its journey in the market.

We see better in the light because, contrasting animals, the night vision in humans is not very great. Actually, it’s almost non-existent. Plus, the human mind is a lot more active and rational in light than in darkness. A lot of us chase to be in the light, to see it and even become light.

It’s just our psychological disposition over centuries of exposure to light and warmth and well, just human genetics. Even the phones or any other electronic device we use to tap in these emojis have light or brightness in that case. Without this, we’d be clueless about what’s on the screen.

So, if you’re referring to these sources of light or imbibing the qualities of these emojis that are representative of those light sources in any virtual context, we hope these emojis prove to be useful.