🌇 Sunset


Sundown, End of the Day, Twilight, Half Light, Completion, Gratification, Beauty, Dusk

🌇 Meaning: A postcard description of a city with tall and short buildings in shades of maroon and brown with windows designed on them, standing with the background of a bright shining sun that’s beginning to sink.

The 🌇 Sunset emoji represents sundown. It signifies completion; of the day or of one’s purpose for the day, time to rest, a sense of gratification after a long day’s work, and a beautiful time of the day.

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How and When to Use the 🌇 Sunset Emoji

  • Use 🌇 in the post caption while posting or reposting sunset pictures.
  • 🌇 can also be used in contexts that are not exactly sunsets but resonate with the shades of sundown. It can be a work of art with sunset colours, a video with filters of these colours, anything.
  • While sharing sun-kissed pictures from the latter golden hour, you can use 🌇 in the caption or text message if you’re directly sending those pictures to someone.
  • Since a sunset can also symbolize completion, you can also use 🌇 while typing out a social media status, story, or just a direct message about complete you feel. For example, “Productivity feels great after weeks of struggling mental health 🌇”.
  • 🌇 can be used even in sentences that have “at the end of the day” in them. Like, “It doesn’t matter how much you do. At the end of the day you’re just a perception 🌇”.

Other Names

  • 🌇 Sundown
  • 🌇 Dusk
  • 🌇 Nightfall
  • 🌇 Twilight
  • 🌇 Murk
  • 🌇 Evening
  • 🌇 Half Light (did you hear it too?)
  • 🌇 Vesper (indeed)
  • 🌇 Eventide

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