12 Fantasy Emojis That Are Definitely Worth Fantasizing

Because sometimes, fantasy helps us get through and get past what’s real.

We have a strong inclination towards the supernatural. Some people are absolutely spooked by it, while some of us are unsettlingly moved by such tales. It strikes our curiosity, imagination, and most of all, our dreams.

When was the last time you dreamt of a car speeding up a vertical road? Or a sky full of visible planets, like the ones in superhero movies?

Superpowers, psychic abilities, magic, and mythology are quite captivating. They open our minds to possibilities, questions and maybe, even answers. They have a strange way into us, our minds and thoughts.

Not to burst your bubble, but we don’t really have mythical creatures in real life (they’re mythical for a reason), no flying cars, and magic wands. But we do have a list of emojis that heavily resonate with the extraordinary.

Read on to know what they are and how they came to be on this list.

Zombie Emoji

🧟 Zombie Emoji

Chances are that we’d encounter an earthquake or a landslide realistically sooner than a zombie apocalypse. Yet, the latter has crossed our minds more than a few times.

As terrifying as it is to be chased or worse, eaten by a bunch of zombies, we are drawn to this unreal thought, both positively or negatively. It’s fun and thrilling and 🧟 is here to help with that in the virtual realm.

Vampire Emoji

🧛 Vampire Emoji

Ah! Are we scared of vampires? Hell, no! As a matter of fact, we find them attractive!

Now, that’s not because vampires wake up and choose to be sexy. It’s the impact of media; movies, books, songs, etc. Vampires are blood-suckers and shape-shifters for Christ’s sake! That’s far from sexy!

But, in the mind and on social media, they can have their own air of majesty. And if you wish to showcase that atmosphere online, 🧛 is here!

Supervillain Emoji

đŸŠč Supervillain Emoji

This one’s not too far from the real world. It’s not nice to underestimate the human population that way, okay?

There are tons of villains, bad guys, and girls in the world! But, a supervillain is something unfamiliar. We all may be crazy in here, but not enough to overpower human limitations; physical and mental.

The reason why đŸŠč is “super” and not just a villain is because they possess something more, a lot more. Thanos, for example?

Superhero Emoji

🩾 Superhero Emoji

Enough of the negativity. Let’s talk positives!

We all love superpowers, though we only portray to love the good kind better. When there are saviors, there are heroes! And in this case, all heroes do wear capes.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it? You don’t need a cape to be a superhero 😉.

Mage Emoji

🧙 Mage Emoji

Mages were around at some point in time, and they still are. But, now they’re more often seen at shows rather than in mysterious tents, looking into one of these 🔼.

So, if they exist in the present world, how are they supernatural and extraordinary?

The answer lies in the difference. While a magician uses trickery, logic, and agility to present magic, wizards and witches embody magical powers sourced from superhuman and supernatural entities.

Genie Emoji

🧞 Genie Emoji

Speak about genies. The biggest favor we’ve ever lent is probably time or money. And we already have so much to complain about.

Genies, on the other hand, possess the powers to grant anything and that’s what makes them more than just ordinary. It makes their favors more than just a matter of time and there’s no question of returning favors.

Not saying we, humans are mundane as we get. But come on, we cannot be going around granting people the “looks” they seem to be craving so much or even the house they can hardly afford!

Mermaid Emoji

đŸ§œâ€â™€ïž Mermaid Emoji

There’s been a lot of research and studies to prove the physical existence of mermaids, đŸ§œâ€â™‚ïž Mermen, and 🧜 Merpeople. Sadly, nothing concrete.

Don’t lose hope just yet! Maybe the humans or humanoids witnessing mermaids did not hit the papers or maybe there are clues about them that are illegible to the current humans (anything’s possible).

And thus, they do fall under the category of the supernatural. They are magical, and we carry forward that legacy through costumes, themes, and now, emojis too!

Man Fairy Emoji

🧚 Fairy Emoji

Fairies are fairly on the good side. However, Tinkerbell, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather don’t cover up for the Maleficent and Dama Fortuna, do they?
Everything has a spectrum.

It’s hard to judge the spectral positions the 🧚 Fairy, the đŸ§šâ€â™€ïž Female Fairy and the đŸ§šâ€â™‚ïž Male Fairy would occupy. Nonetheless, you could use these emojis in any scenario that involves fairies and pixies
(psst. including haircuts).

Elf Emoji

🧝 Elf Emoji

Elves can be good, bad, ugly, or pretty. But all of them have one thing in common; mischief. Sounds strangely familiar, doesn’t it? No. We didn’t mean children, we meant the Lord of the Rings!

Haters would say they’re just as human and mortal as we are, but we all know what we saw.

Baby Angel Emoji

đŸ‘Œ Baby Angel Emoji

A minute of silence for all those who thought đŸ‘Œ to represent “innocence” or an “innocent and angelic” baby or a child.

đŸ‘Œ is a synecdoche. A what now? It’s a reference to Cupid, the Greek mythical god of love, passion, desire, and lust (now, here’s something or someone sexy!).

Hence, it acts as an umbrella for mythical characters from different cultures and folklore (Greek and Roman, mostly).

⊛ Magic Wand Emoji

đŸȘ„ Magic Wand Emoji

Just because you own a black wooden or plastic stick with white ends does not make you an owner of a wand.

A magic wand is unearthly. It’s not from here and surely, does not belong here either (strictly speaking). Which makes it that much interesting.

One shot at Harry Potter and we all wish we knew spells and a wand that functions with those spells.
That kind of interesting.

Please find somewhere to sit before you proceed to the next emoji.

Santa Claus Emoji

🎅 Santa Claus Emoji

Okay. We understand the shock. The disappointment and the rage. But someone had to say it. Santa is NOT real, and that’s the only reason why 🎅 is on this list. and not this guy đŸ‘».

The legend is real (that doesn’t mean he is), and that’s the beauty of it. We’ve managed to keep that story going so strong for so long that now, Christmas is amiss without 🎅 Santa, his đŸ€¶ wife, or even 🧑‍🎄 gay Santa.

Just because something ceases to be real or even exit, it does not suck the excitement from it. Everything unworldly is bound to be tempting; if not to become it, but to know and learn more about it.

Emojis are limited, and these emojis are the only ones representing anything supernatural on the list. But the world is far from being limited. There’s always something fascinating around the corner, and all you need to do is turn 🩾.