🪄 Magic Wand


Magic, Magician, Wizardry, Witchcraft, Spell Casting, Magical Powers

🪄 Meaning: A diagonally placed black stick with silvery ends and just the top end designed with a glowing tint that essentially reflects the shine from the stars or sparkles above it.

The 🪄 Magic Wand emoji signifies magic and the magician. It represents witchcraft, wizardry, etc. This emoji could also personify phrases such as ‘cast a spell’, ‘break a spell’, ‘under a spell’, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🪄 Magic Wand Emoji

  • If you believe yourself to be under a spell, and you’re texting someone about the same or posting a social media post with a caption resonating with this belief, you can use 🪄. Like, “This is a good spell 🪄. The kind I wouldn’t want to break”.
  • Speaking of breaking a spell, use 🪄 while advising someone to stand up for themselves. For instance, “You’ve been forced to look at everything with rose-colored glasses, man. Break the damn spell 🪄”.
  • If you cast a spell on someone or vice versa, you can use 🪄 in those frameworks too. For example, “Oh excuse me? He’s the one who’s been begging for a second date. Looks like someone’s under a spell 🪄”.
  • Since a magic wand could also refer to a sex toy, 🪄 could also be used in those contexts – “Ooooh that’s the best thing to gift her! 🪄 She’s single and bored out of her mind, anyway”.

Other Names

  • 🪄 Wand
  • 🪄 Magical Wand
  • 🪄 Magic Stick
  • 🪄 Swizzle Stick
  • 🪄 Spell-Casting Wand
  • 🪄 Magician
  • 🪄 Casting Spells
  • 🪄 Stick With Magical Powers
  • 🪄 Magician’s Wand
  • 🪄 Wizard’s Wand
  • 🪄 Witchcraft