✴️ Eight-Pointed Star


Star of Venus, Femininity, Goddess, Symbol, Motif, Bullet Point, Spirituality, Religion

✴️ Meaning: A white star with eight points pasted onto a square orange background. The ✴️ Eight-Pointed Star emoji represents a ‘star-shaped’ bullet point. It could even indicate that the pointers are more important than the ones preceded by ✳️ Eight-Spoked Asterisk.

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How and When to Use the ✴️ Eight-Pointed Star Emoji

  • Also known as the ‘Star of Ishtar‘, ✴️ symbolizes Innana, the Sumerian goddess. Based on the fact that this star was also called the ‘Star of Venus’, you may welcome this emoji while referring either to Venus or femininity (a, because it’s a goddess, and b, it’s Venus).
  • The eight-pointed star also has numerous religious and spiritual implications. If you’re using such references in any context, use ✴️.
  • While stating the highlights of a given post or repost, ✴️ may be of use. This applies even while making useful and important pointers via text.

Other Names

  • ✴️ Star of Ishtar
  • ✴️ Eight-Pointed Star Bullet
  • ✴️ Octagram
  • ✴️ Star of Venus
  • ✴️ Orange Star
  • ✴️ Star Shaped Asterisk
  • ✴️ Star Shaped Bullet Point