5 Spiritual Emojis That Are Deeper Than You Think

For the Enlightened Times

Spirituality is different from religion, and hence this list would not have anything religious in it, including football! Some of these symbols convey ages of beliefs and traditions, and some are just thought out-of-the-box interpretations, but quite relatable, nonetheless.

Om Emoji

🕉️ Om Emoji

First off, the mighty om! We promised that this one’s a list of spiritual emojis, and hence 🕉️ has found its place at the top! It’s alright if your introduction to this sacred symbol was religion, Hinduism, to be precise.

But that does not change the fact that this symbol is indeed a powerful and spiritual Sanskrit alphabet, the kind that brings about peace and balance upon meditative recitations.

So, the next time you’re referring to peace, meditation, spirituality, and everything that surpasses mere physicality, you could use 🕉️.

Yin Yang Emoji

☯️ Yin Yang Emoji

When we “humanize” something by saying that it’s not all bad and rationalize it by saying that it’s not all good either, we’re basically talking about the working of ☯️.

Yin yang is the symbol of balance. A balance between the positive and the negative sides. The balance between nothingness and everything-ness, if you may.

Infinity Emoji

♾️ Infinity

The mother of all spiritual symbols, the symbol of infinity, the never-ending loop, which could be viewed positively or negatively.

If you’re referring to ‘forever’ (non-cheesy), consistency, or something that is strangely but truly permanent, you could use ♾️.

  • The real question is, can you love change just as much as you love a person? ♾️
Up Arrow Emoji

⬆️ Up Arrow

Surprised? An arrow and spirituality? Yep. If you have an eye for a higher purpose, ⬆️ could emoji-fy that paradigm. The direction of this emoji suggests growth and a sense of meeting the soul’s requirements.

  • Always aim higher than all that you are ⬆️ And that, my friend, would be you, on your soul’s journey.
keycap digit eight 38 fe0f 20e3

8️⃣ Keycap: 8

Kaboom! Another unexpected spiritual emoji.
Much like the horizontal expansion of ♾️, the number 8 too suggests expansion but in a vertical dimension.

Horizontal infinity signifies physical limitlessness, whereas vertical infinity (8️⃣) suggests spiritual endlessness; the knowledge and awareness of being energy, and the ability to grow indefinitely.

Spirituality is a personal choice. But, once you make that choice, you begin to see signs in everything. And these top five emojis with a probable spiritual perspective, are just those, signs and symbols with powerful, but subjective meaning. We hope you found our list interesting and helpful!