🗨️ Left Speech Bubble


Speaking, Chatting, Conversation, Dialogue, Talking, Thinking, Pep Talk, Small Talk

🗨️ Meaning: A black speech bubble facing the left side. The bubble of this emoji adorns the outline of an eye. This emoji would vary drastically in color, shape, and size across different platforms.

The 🗨️ Left Speech Bubble signifies speech, talking, a dialogue, and a conversation. One interesting catch about the emoji is that when sent, this emoji faces the sender, making it all the more apt to use it in group chats.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🗨️ Left Speech Bubble Emoji

  • If you’re the one thinking and adding up a message, send 🗨️ emoji on the chat.
  • You can also use 🗨️ emoji to indicate a response from the sender in a group chat, a virtual game, anything.
  • 🗨️ emoji can also be used to express that you had a little chat with someone.
  • 🗨️ can also be used to signify pep talks.
  • Since there’s not much character to 🗨️ emoji, it can be used to suggest small talk too.

Other Names

  • 🗨️ Chat
  • 🗨️ Dialogue
  • 🗨️ Conversation
  • 🗨️ Talking
  • 🗨️ Chatting
  • 🗨️ Pep Talk
  • 🗨️ Small Talk
  • 🗨️ Thought
  • 🗨️ Thinking