Top 10 Lying Emojis to Be Truthful the Best Way Possible

Textually, you can get away with anything. But with emojis? We don’t think so.

If the act of lying seems like a strange, humane phenomenon, then this would come as a massive surprise. Many animals can lie too! Though they may not be the biggest deceptions, lying patterns in animals are generally woven with survival strategies. So, that makes two of us.

Humans too have similar motives behind a deceiving face. However, there may be a slight difference between the two. While it’s easy to rely on recorded behavior and tell if an animal is lying, it’s sometimes a challenge with humans. Even impossible. Humans can be really professional and impossible to detect when it comes to lying through their teeth.

Though that’s a task in person, trickery is an open book, online. It’s mostly the laid-back and harmless kind of lying. And if you’re trying to pull off a “lie” virtually, we hope these emojis are the stitch in time.

Lying Face Emoji

🤥 Lying Face Emoji

First up is the famous “Pinnochio face”. The character itself is a lie master. However, not so much apparently. This one, we’d like to call the “honest lying face”. You’re lying, but your body is being honest about it and we can see that you’re not telling the truth.

  • Baby, are you doing okay?
    Yes, ma. Totally fine 🤥. Thanks for asking

Now, if you were better informed about the long-nose face, you could have probably helped the situation. Now you’re just thinking she has a cold. As we said, it’s in the face.

Winking Face Emoji

😉 Winking Face Emoji

This emoji adds to the “honest” list. Because honestly, you could tell if someone’s lying if the statement ends with one of these 😉. But that depends on how well you know the person you’re texting.

Strangers may not even mean that they’re lying when they use 😉. It’s the “Sheldon-Cooper” effect. You’re constantly afraid of encountering something terrible you faced as a child. Only in this case, it’s not so bad.

  • Guess what! I told him that I ate all the food he sent 😉
    But you didn’t right?
    Yeah. That’s the point of the wink.
    Oh. Cool.


  • You’re looking gorgeous, love 😉
    Um. WHAT.
    What? I said you’re looking great
    What’s the wink for?
    Um, coz I get a little sleazy when you’re sexy?
    Oh. Cool.

Knowledge is power.

Winking Face With Tongue Emoji 1

😜 Winking Face With Tongue Out Emoji

This one’s for the lie that’s not a big deal. No biggie, in other words. I lied, but ’twas a white lie. 😜 could paint the act of lying as part of a funny scenario, a joke, or even something that was totally intended to offend, but hey, no offense.

  • Listen. I didn’t mean it, man. You’re fat, but not that fat 😜 (painful yowza)
Crossed Fingers Emoji

🤞 Crossed Fingers Emoji

We’ve all kept our fingers crossed for various reasons at some point. We’ve also “raised spirits” by doing so. As ironic as it is, 🤞 associates with a nullifying factor, the ❌ Factor. Lols.

It’s a common perception that when you cross you’re fingers and spit out a lie in the form of the truth, those fingers are your attempt at negating the after-effects of that lie. Literally taking two wrongs to make a right.

  • Wow. That suit looks so great. I’m not even kidding 🤞
  • How about we play two truths and a lie. JK. All of them are truths 🤞

You see, bluffing gets annoying after a point. So, if you really wish to be the ultimate “bluff master”, then it’s best to selectively use 🤞.

Slightly Smiling Face Emoji

🙂 Slightly Smiling Face Emoji

If you’re strictly talking about deception, then 🙂 is the emoji for you. It’s the embodiment of a straight face or a face that’s hard to read. You could be lying or telling the truth with 🙂, and we’d never know the rest of the story.

  • Sure. I honestly don’t mind you ripping out my fuel tank over the weekend 🙂
Face With Thermometer Emoji

🤒 Face With Thermometer Emoji

Calling in sick is the best lie that ever existed. It’s world-class. We’re not calling every request to be an outright fake, but we know when it can be.

🤒 is not only a great excuse in a corporate atmosphere but in a virtual situation too. It’s the online way of saying ‘I need to go to the bathroom‘. Only here, the bathroom’s a vacation.

  • Man.. I don’t think I can make it to the party (for the fourth time in a row) I’m super duper sick 🤒
Nose Emoji

👃 Nose Emoji

If you want to mask Pinocchio’s nose a little, 👃 is the perfect alternative. No one would know. Trust us, they wouldn’t. You could put out real and serious stuff, or hilarious lies out there with a 👃 in the business and nobody would know the difference.

  • I absolutely love the Govt’s new schemes! 👃
  • Talk about zero plastic surgery eh 👃

You may also play up the deception a little more with the 🐽 piggy nose.

Closed Book Emoji

📕 Closed Book Emoji

When was the last time you judged a book by its cover? Probably way long back cause you know better now. How about this. 📕 plays on that very honest strategy. Manipulative, even.

  • Look. All I’m saying is that the movie’s good. But the book is always better 📕 (and they would never have guessed in a million years)

What we mean to say is, the book encloses a lie with an honest cover. Another genius way of lying without ever being caught in the act.

Bust In Silhouette Emoji

👤 Bust in Silhouette Emoji

A lie is something that’s very real. But just not enough. It lacks substance. And that lack can be denoted with a shadow. Thus making this emoji and its double variant, the 👥 Busts in Silhouette, two of the top “lying emojis”.

It’s important to understand that these lying emojis are not here to promote deceit. In fact, they’re here to help avoid it and spread awareness about it.

You could make educative uses of these lying emojis by applying them with the intent of surfacing/reporting fraudulent and misleading content as well.

Hourglass Done Emoji

⌛ Hourglass Done Emoji

Wrapping up with our favorite kind of deception; philosophical. You only think you have time. This ain’t the first time we’re stressing the importance of time via emojis, and it won’t be the last.

⌛ is the latter half of the journey; a panic-provoking one. And that’s pretty much the truth. To ice things up a little and keep things happy and positive, let’s look at the brighter side; the ⌛ Hourglass That’s Not Done. Ironically, the brighter side wouldn’t last very long.

Frauds, lies, deception, bluff, tactics, all these are popular human behaviors. Some of us are super capable of these behaviors and some of us suck at even lying about brushing our teeth. Though there’s a strong moral ground when it comes to lies, it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta.

The situation is a lot more complicated in person, but it’s all good, virtually. Online is a great place to keep things casual and not jump to conclusions. So, the next time you’re playing around, goofily lying about things, or even exposing anything touché, we hope these lying emojis are useful. Don’t forget to use these emojis in pranks too!