🔦 Flashlight


Light, Electrical Torch, Torch, Beacon, Artificial Light, Searchlight, Camping, Night Tourism

🔦 Meaning: A downward-facing grey cylindrical device with an illuminated bottom end, a wide black rim around it, and a thin double-buttoned tab on the body.

The 🔦 Flashlight emoji represents one of the many sources of artificial and electrical light. Symbolically speaking, this emoji signifies darkness, finding one’s way, searching or investigating something, looking for something in the dark, and midnight adventures too.

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How and When to Use the 🔦 Flashlight Emoji

  • If you’re posting or reposting newsworthy and/or interesting content about how someone or something carried a torch, 🔦 is your guest. For example, “Throwback to the legend who held the torch of equality 🔦”.
  • You could also use the previous reference in post captions and text messages. Like, “You wouldn’t have to carry the torch for someone if both parties are courageous 🔦”.
  • From another idiomatic angle, use 🔦 in the contexts of ‘passing down the torch’ or even ‘handing on the torch’. For instance, “It’s time he passed down his torch 🔦 He’s too old for this crap” or “Just hand her the torch when you’re done 🔦”.
  • Flashlights evoke imagery of camping, adventure, searching, investigation, and dark tourism too. Thus, 🔦 is the perfect addition to any of these themes and other related frameworks.

Other Names

  • 🔦 Torch
  • 🔦 Electric Torch
  • 🔦 Electric Flashlight
  • 🔦 Beacon
  • 🔦 Light
  • 🔦 Searchlight