🏮 Red Paper Lantern


Izakaya, Japanese Culture, Japanese Resto-Bar, Indication, Light, Festival, Floating Lanterns

🏮 Meaning: A rounded reddish-orange paper lantern designed with horizontal lines throughout the fabric and held in place by two black circular structures at the top and bottom.

Generally, the 🏮 Red Paper Lantern emoji would signify light, festivals of light, decoration, aesthetics, and visual appeal. But specifically, it refers to an izakaya or a Japanese resto-bar.

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How and When to Use the 🏮 Red Paper Lantern Emoji

  • While wishing someone for a festival that centrally celebrates light and other aspects of the same, you could use 🏮. For example, “Happy Diwali! 🏮” or “Happy Hanukkah! 🏮”.
  • 🏮 is mandatory if the festival is precisely about lanterns or has the lanterns taking center stage of the whole celebration.
  • You could also use 🏮 in the broad context of light. So, if you’re sharing a post with a caption that speaks of/about light, or a text message of the same, or even an insertion into a social media story, you can bring in 🏮. Like, “Visited this amazingly lit (pun intended) place! 🏮”.
  • Apart from just Japanese restaurant and bars, 🏮 could be used in common contexts that revolve around Japanese culture; art, anime, tourist attractions, etc.
  • Use 🏮 in the caption while posting or reposting lantern pictures, lantern art, whimsical photographs of lantern festivals, etc.

Other Names

  • 🏮 Izakaya Lantern
  • 🏮 Japanese Restaurant and Bar
  • 🏮 Japanese Red Lantern
  • 🏮 Red Lantern
  • 🏮 Paper Lantern
  • 🏮 Lantern
  • 🏮 Asian Lantern