🔘 Radio Button


Choice, Choose, Selection, Graphic Control, Audio Note, Begin, Start Point, Options

🔘 Meaning: A greyish black circular background with a smaller highlighted white circle at the center. The 🔘 Radio Button emoji suggests a mode of choosing between alternatives and the buttons in an old school radio, thus indicating choices.

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How and When to Use the 🔘 Radio Button Emoji

  • 🔘 symbolizes the option you’ve chosen. Hence, signifying active choice or the ability to make choices. For instance, “Choose your words carefully 🔘” or “Every choice matters, don’t be dumb next time 🔘”.
  • In the same framework, you could use 🔘 to suggest available options in the first place! Like, “We have two options. Now, choose 🔘” or “I’m not an option, darling 🔘 You either choose me or you don’t”.
  • 🔘 also represents the beginning of an audio note or a video (which can be used to arrive at any point in the same as well). If you’re referring to such a beginning, you may use this emoji.
  • Some examples for the previous point are – “Tell me when to stop talking, I often lose track 🔘”, “Ugh. Please. Begin to tell me about it 🔘” or “Just start the video from 2:15 🔘 and thank me later”
  • While informing your audience to choose an option in a survey or any other such format, 🔘 could be part of the caption.

Other Names

  • 🔘 Select
  • 🔘 Selected Option/Choice
  • 🔘 Option Button
  • 🔘 Options
  • 🔘 Round Graphic Control Element
  • 🔘 Audio Note

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