5 Dog Emojis to Use While Talking Heart-to-Heart About Dogs

When it comes to dogs, it’s all hearts.

After nearly 14000 years of the first canine domestication, dogs continue to be human’s best friend (stop gendering this too). Dogs and humans share an intimate bond that’s often shown unconditionally by the former. Dogs just know how to love a human. They’re little furry blessings.

Many humans would die for their pupper without a second thought. But all dogs would do that for their humans. Humans are not the dog’s “master”. We’re nothing. In fact, it’s a privilege that we even get to share the same space with such pure creatures. Given that we’re such sucky creatures.

If you’re expressing your love for dogs in general or your doggo precisely online, here are all the dog emojis you can choose.

Dog Face Emoji

🐶 Dog Face Emoji

First up is the iconic dog face emoji. Iconic because 🐶 even made its mark as a photo filter on many social media apps like Snapchat.

The dog face not only reflects content about dogs, but it’s also great while personifying yourself as a dog. You could literally become a dog with 🐶 online!

  • So are we going for a walk or what?! 🐶
  • When are we heading out to dinner!!! 🐶
Dog Emoji

🐕 Dog Emoji

This one’s the full-body view of the previous emoji. Since 🐕 involves the entire body of the dog, it doesn’t personify as effectively. So, since you wouldn’t be walking in your dog’s shoes virtually, 🐕 is the perfect emoji to focus on your dog. For once.

If you were to talk about some sweet moments with your doggo, write captions revolving around dogs, type out announcements about dog events, etc., use 🐕.

  • The annual puppy race is finally here!!! 🐕
  • I feel myself falling in love with every dog I come across 🐕 Only here, I feel no heartbreak.
Guide Dog Emoji

🦮 Guide Dog Emoji

🦮 is the same as the previous emoji, only with a leash. However, the leash here is different than the ones we’re used to seeing and buying more often. That’s because only the ones who need a guide dog use this leash.

Guide dogs are one of the many reasons why dogs are pretty much the best things that happened to us. You don’t find any other animal being trained to guide humans! But these super smart and super cute animals are out there to help and rescue humans.

Guide dogs are trained to assist and guide a visually impaired or a blind human. Now, they not only get one but two treats for being such a good boi!

Doggos too lack a few abilities, like reading road signs. That’s where interdependence comes into the picture! Both the human and the dog, in this case, work together and make the journey safe and worthwhile.

Service Dog Emoji

🐕‍🦺 Service Dog Emoji

The work of a guide dog and a service dog may seem overlapping but 🐕‍🦺 requires a lot more coaching than the eye dog. Here, the dog would be of close assistance not only to the visually challenged but also to people with a range of health issues, including mental illness. They’re also known as ‘assistance dogs’.

Paw Prints Emoji

🐾 Paw Prints Emoji

Aren’t paw prints just the cutest?!

🐾 is one of the most favorite tattoo ideas for almost all dog lovers. It’s the first preference, apart from your dog’s face. If you already have a paw print tattoo, then you may apply 🐾 virtually, making it part of your descriptive profile bio. You could also use it as a replacement for the dog face or any of the dog emojis while talking about dogs.

But. It’s not only dogs who have paws! 🐾 can be interpreted in the context of other animals like 🐈 Cats, 🐅 Tigers, and 🦁 Lions. Thus making the paw print a versatile symbol for the love of animals.

We hope these dog emojis are helpful the next time you mention dogs on your social media handle or even in personal messages.