😘 Face Blowing a Kiss Emoji Guide

When it comes to love, it’s always the better option to kiss and tell.

Humans have been kissing for centuries now. We’ve given and received little pecks of love, warm kisses on the lips, and even prolonged sessions of romantic and sexual kissing, involving tons of saliva exchange. When we kiss, we’re strictly aware of the person we’re kissing and hence lay the kiss based on the relationship we share and the amount of love and warmth we’re showing to that particular person.

Kisses are not naturally our behavior. We’ve learned them over time and this fact is backed up by the existing and valid statistics of people who don’t kiss. There are also stats of people who hardly kiss with the intention of getting to the person’s genitals.

Kissing and publicly kissing is mostly a western concept and way of showing affection, because a lot of us, easterners, hardly kiss and tell. We just know already! Nonetheless, kissing is a massive part of the world, though there are fewer but valid exceptions to that fact. And since kissing is such a significant act of showing affection, that it has also translated into a gesture. Blowing a kiss.

The 😘 Face Blowing a Kiss emoji, often mistaken for a “kissing face”, is just a face blowing a kiss (as the name says it all). The kiss is quantified by the red heart. Though 😘 is not a kissing face, it is used as such in almost every context. Is that right, or wrong? Read on to find out!

😘 Face Blowing a Kiss

Meaning of 😘

The 😘 face blowing a kiss emoji is a symbol of showing physical love. It’s often used as a kissing emoji to express love and fondness of any kind and to any extent. This emoji is quite fabulous that way, as it is inclusive of every kind of love there is.

😘 can be used to show emotion in a romantic conversation as well as in a platonic or familial one. It can be both an innocent peck, a heartfelt kiss, or even a fluidic mess. It’s all in the mind, in this case. The minds of the texters.

Why Do We Blow Kisses? 😘

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First of all, why tho?

We blow kisses for the very reason why we blow raspberries – to express without saying a word. Though with raspberries, it’s a different scenario and an entirely varied emotional response, with kisses, it’s more of an ability to show love and tenderness, even from a distance.

When you’re chatting with someone (unless you’re the psychopath who texts the person in the same room), it’s usually the case that you’re physically distant. Hence, 😘 is the digital way of blowing a sweet and warm kiss(es) to someone who’s away yet so near.

But, since it’s digital, and distance is already a barrier, why extend that space by making another emoji that only shows emotion – distantly?

Well, that’s where our effective assumptions come into play. We assume 😘 to be a kissing emoji, in fact, of the highest order. It’s a kiss that’s reserved only for the special. Most users don’t insert 😘 as a manner of blowing kisses but laying them, sometimes passionately.

But assumptions aside, there’s a plain reason why there’s a 😘 face blowing a kiss emoji, rather than a face that’s just kissing – there is a 😗 kissing face emoji – and it’s the most awkward kissing face you’d come across. We assure you it’s 3 times uncomfortable than the worst.

Why 😘 is the Most Special Kissing Face?

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The short answer? The heart. That damn heart.

We mentioned the 😘 face blowing a kiss emoji being the “highest order” of kissing emojis and the simple explanation for this belief lies in the emoji’s design. Other kissing emojis that are very similar to this one have the same outline of a puckered mouth – only 😘 is different and here’s what made all the difference; the road that’s always taken – the red heart.

The ❤️ red heart may be the most overwritten and outdated symbol of love but it never dies. In fact, it only gets that much stronger with each generation. The tiny red heart used in this emoji makes the biggest impact. It immediately creates a sense of exclusivity in the user’s mind and hence, is only used when the sender, deeply and very fondly means what they say. 😘 becomes part of the conversation only if the people involved have crossed the circle of acquaintance and become a close confidante.

The red heart, though teenie, is the biggest defining characteristic of 😘 than anything else. Yes, not even the winky face.

Is 😘 a Sign Someone’s Flirting?

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It can be. But, first. It depends on who the sender is. Because, even in flirting, there’s the acceptable and the creepy and it’s quite important to know the difference.

Consensuality is personal, but here we’re covering what’s generally acceptable and unacceptable. You make the rules even after reading this.

The Acceptable

The ones who would send 😘 are people who are super close to you. It could be a best friend, a family member, your partner, a colleague you’re, a teacher you look(ed) up to and stay(ed) in touch with, a fellow member of a group you belong to, or a random stranger from the internet you’re starting to know more about or e-date.

Now, it’s acceptable if some of the people mentioned send 😘 flirtatiously. That bracket of acceptability shrinks a little but for the best reasons (we’ll look into the worst in the next section).

The “kissing emoji” with the intention of flirting is generally acceptable when received from anyone who’s out of the family line, and is of the same age or within a radius of 3 to 4 years up and down. This means that if a “best friend”, a colleague, or a fellow group member sends 😘 (especially if they don’t use this emoji that much), it could be a telltale sign that they’re flirting. But, again. The best way to establish a fact is by communication. Doubly so, online.

It’s highly likely that when that stranger from the internet randomly sends 😘 in a conversation, it is a sign that they’re flirting or just getting comfortable with you in a romantic, casual, or casually romantic way.

Even with acceptable flirting, you get to choose if you want such a conversation to last or not. “Acceptable” is just a label we’re using to differentiate between what’s societally normal and what’s not.

The Unacceptable

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If you don’t wish to be too harsh, turn them down with a 😘.

Now, down to the creepy gang.

It’s just weird for someone out of your age group, within the same family, or even a teacher (with the exception of personal kinks and relationships) to send 😘 with intentions other than love, warmth, and friendliness. Hey, it’s a human world, so anything is possible and it’s always recommended to be aware of the possibilities – which are many and colorful.

When you do receive 😘 with discomforting messages from the mentioned groups of people, it’s a sign of unacceptable flirting. This means you cut it out right there, right where it starts. Although the chances of someone formally close to you sending 😘 flirtatiously is close to nil, we can’t afford to hold back from educating the percentage it takes to make the nil.

Here’s an example of acceptable and unacceptable flirting shown with 😘.

  • Hey, I love your hair 😘 (from that colleage) – you may have seen this coming, or not. Nonetheless, it could be a sign that the person’s flirting with you and you can choose your response accordingly.
  • Hey, I love your hair 😘 (from that family member) – this is downright unacceptable and mustn’t be encouraged. Unless you personally think otherwise.

Another obvious and unacceptable sign of flirting with 😘 is from a stranger. A random text with this emoji from someone you don’t know at all is strange. It could be a sign that the stranger is trying to flirt with you. Now, you get to make the call. We suggest hanging up the phone. But if you’re up for the conversation, then we are too.

Bottom line, 😘 can be used to flirt in a conversation, but it’s important to know which contexts are safe and which aren’t. It may be just a text message or just a conversation, but going with the stats of how many of us spend our time online, communicating with people, it’s vital to be on the safer and healthy side of digital communication.

When and How to Use 😘?

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Given the amount of intimacy and closeness expressed by the 😘 face blowing a kiss emoji, it’s advisable to use this emoji in conversations with people you know or are starting to know – closely.

Though we mentioned about 😘 being a potentially flirty emoji, it’s not always the case. This is an emoji of love, warmth, and tenderness, which when steered into the romantic direction becomes a flirty emoji. So, you can use this emoji to show affection towards a close family member, your partner, a close friend, a close colleague, anyone who’s close to you.

Some suggested virtual instances where you can use 😘:

  • The person said something extremely and approvingly sweet.
  • You’re showing someone that you’re there for them.
  • You’re letting someone know that you’re proud of them and/or happy for them.
  • 😘 can be used in contexts of greeting someone very close, wishing them for a special day or even in good night and good morning texts.

When Not to Use 😘?

On a general note, we opine against using 😘 in chats with someone you hardly know, getting to know (but with the intent of staying as acquaintances or friends), or just don’t know – a stranger.

The puckered mouth and the red heart in this emoji, not to forget the winky face, altogether, give 😘 a vibrant shade of love, which can also turn lusty and seductive. It’s imperative to use 😘 with the right verbatim because it can easily go wrong and wreck the entire conversation.

Even when you’re getting talking with a date, a match from a dating site, or a friend whom you’d like to befriend into the sheets, a mushy emoji as 😘 is highly unrecommended to use during the first few conversations (unless you do want to scare the guts out of an emotionally unavailable person).

😘 is only a cherry on the icing. It’s not the cake nor the icing. It’s an exclusive symbol you’d use for someone who’s exclusive. But, that exclusivity too ought to be mutual. It’s just not right otherwise.

What Does it Mean When Someone Sends 😘?

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The 😘 emoji is most of the time, a symbol of warmth and closeness.

Firstly, it means they like or love you (a lot)or something about you. Eventually, it could have added layers of meaning, depending on the sender and your relationship with them. Here are a couple of different groups of people sending 😘 and what it could possibly mean.


If it’s a well-known family member sending 😘, then it’s a sign of love and fondness. It doesn’t matter if you were actively in touch with them or not, if you’ve known them for a considerable time and with meaningful proximity, then 😘 means nothing more than just plain, warm, affection, and a manner of extending the closely-knit affiliation whether former or current.

However. If it’s a family member you’re not very close to, haven’t spoken much to, or don’t virtually know, then 😘 in a conversation may mean that they’re trying their hardest to seem nice, and loving. It could also suggest a possibility of close behavior – thus creating an awkward but persistent space of filial closeness – which sadly may not be reciprocated (or maybe).


Best friends are known to send the “kissy face” especially if you have the ideal kind of friendship celebrated in the movies. Nonetheless, not all friends and best friends are the same. So, it’s okay if you or your bestie is uncomfortable to send excessively cheesy and mushy emojis. But, generally, it’s the best friend circle who will send 😘.

There are exceptions of friends or classmates/schoolmates/collegemates you may have known or continued to stay in touch with. When such groups of/individual friends send 😘, it’s a manner of sharing positive and loving energy. However, you would be able to tell when that loving energy gets a little red – when someone uses 😘 to show romance.

All in all, friends and best friends sending 😘 is a sweet way of showing that they care, showing that you matter to them, and strengthening that bond despite the physical distance, which is can now effectively patch up in the virtual world!


If someone from your professional circle, extended family circle, or even friends of friends circle sends you a 😘 (assuming you’re not that close to them), then it’s a plausible sign that they like you. Now, this “like” could be completely innocent or it could have sexual or flirty motives (as discussed above).

There’s a fair possibility that when a colleague crosses the professional boundary with 😘 that he/she has a “thing” for you. At this point, you get to decide what you do with the text message – if you will react to it, respond to it, or if you’ll play along because you too are subtly gravitated towards them. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember what’s NSFW and what is.


People who don’t know you nor have conversed with you virtually but follow your social media page have the benefit of the doubt when they use 😘. The stranger could be trying to find the easy and fast way to get close to you because they like what they see on your page. It could be a manner of flirting or luring somehow, or it could be their substandard ways of asking someone out.

However, if someone who isn’t on your friends/followers list still pumps the nerve to send 😘, then it’s a bright red flag and a great option to block/report them (depending on the text message that came with 😘).

What Does it Mean When Someone Sends Multiple 😘?

More emoji always is = to more emotion.

If someone sends more than just a single 😘, then it’s an obvious indication that they’re trying to express more emotion, which, in this case, is love. As we all (well, most of us) are aware of the two broad kinds of love, 😘 too can be applied in the same way – conditionally and unconditionally. The only way to decipher that on text – is via context. If it’s something about you, then 😘 falls into the former kind of showing love and if it’s just you, then the latter.

Here are two examples better explaining this distinction:

  • Omg, your dress is looking fabbb 😘😘😘 (the condition is the dress – they love the dress and are blowing kisses to the dress, not you)
  • Omg, look at you!! 😘😘😘 (the unconditionality, is just you).

Related Emojis

christie greene HmyLNp7zfPc unsplash

Like the 😘 face blowing a kiss emoji, there is a handful of other kissing emojis, each with its own intensity of a kiss and intent as well.

😗 Kissing Face Emoji

Although 😗 is THE kissing face, it’s the most neutral and emotionless kiss there could possibly be. Look at the eyes, for instance. They’re blank and wide open.

It’s the kind of look in your eyes when you’re unsure of what or whom you’re kissing or if you even want to be kissing in the first place. You’re just doing the act. Forcefully. It’s passionless, platonic, and filial too. It’s nothing more than just a quick peck.

😙 Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

This one’s a more personal and consensual kiss than the previous. The eyes here, are smiling. If your eyes smile when your mouth smiles, then that’s a very genuine smile right there.

We all know the people we’d kiss with a heart full of love and gentleness – the positivity of which radiates to our smiles. 😙 illustrates that heartwarming response of a smiling kiss.

😽 Kissing Cat Emoji

This emoji is the cat variant of 😙. It’s a cat showing physical closeness, affection, and fondness. Now, this surreal concept, by all means, cannot be exactly rooted in reality, but it can signify animal emotions.

😽 could either mean that your cat likes/loves something that it sends virtual kisses for it/them, or it could be a manner of speaking and showing emotion like a cat, which is perceived to be both a bizarre and a cute way of conversing over text.

😚 Kissing Face With Closed Eyes Emoji

Closing one’s eyes while kissing and having the eyes closed because of a broad smile while kissing are two different things though they both have closed eyes. In the 😚 emoji, the eyes are voluntarily shut and there’s a tint of red on both cheeks – indicating a blush or a blushing kiss. This makes 😚 not only an intimate kiss but also an infatuated one. It’s the butterflies kind of kiss – you’re innocently excited for/about.

💋 Kiss Mark Emoji

The red-colored lip stain is the iconic mark of passion and seduction. It’s either a mark you can flaunt or hide and for respective reasons. If 😘 is the highest order of a kiss emoji which is inclusive of both private and public relationships, then 💋 is the highest and most exclusive kiss – the kind that’s saved only for the one(s) you get naked with. But again, nothing’s hard and fast online, this mark can also be used with people close to you even with your clothes on – best friends, close family, etc.

In Conclusion

The 😘 face blowing a kiss is a versatile emoji for showing fond emotions. It works for all people in the close and closest circles. It conveys warm and positive digital energy while staying formal and loving instead of sultry. This emoji can also be used in the latter context, but we recommend keeping 😘 for deep love that’s not physical and applying the 💋 kiss mark emoji for all the times you wish to get virtually physical.

The 😘 is a sweet emoji, overall, and it is perfect to use in conversation(s) with the person(s) you love the most.